Shooting: 27 Years Old Bradley Eakin Identified As A Suspect- Case Update

Police have arrested a 27-year-old man named Bradley Eakin in connection with a fatal shooting in South Dallas.

After killing another man with a gun in South Dallas earlier that day, a man was taken into custody on Tuesday.

According to documents, 27-year-old Bradley Eakin is being held at the Dallas County Prison under a $1 million bond and is accused of murder. It wasn’t apparent if he had legal representation.

Just after 8 am, officers arrived at the 2400 block of Coombs Street, close to South Cesar Chavez Boulevard, and discovered the shooting victim. The unidentified victim was taken to the hospital, where he passed away.

Bradley Eakin Identified As A Shooting Suspect

Investigators named Bradley Eakin, 27, as the shooting suspect. He managed to avoid capture the previous night and was discovered uninjured the following morning.

No more information was available immediately, including whether the victim and suspect were previously acquainted.

On South Cesar Chavez Boulevard, in the 2400 block of Coombs Street, police were called. (Source:

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A woman discovered her roommate’s body on Friday and notified the Police. Officers discovered the subject deceased from a gunshot wound when they arrived. The victim was recognized as a friend by one of the responding officers. 

What Happened During The Shooting?

According to Police, a guy was shot and killed early on Tuesday in South Dallas.

According to a Police dispatch log, officers arrived soon after 8 am at the 2400 block of Coombs Street, close to South Cesar Chavez Boulevard.

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The unnamed individual, according to Police, was found wounded and transferred to a hospital, where he later passed away.

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The site was still busy on Tuesday afternoon. Authorities reported that no one was taken custody, and no suspect had been named. The authorities provided no additional information.

Shooting Case Update: Is The Inquiry Still Going On?

After being shot in west Oak Cliff on Tuesday, a guy passed away. Officers rushed to the 2600 block of South Cockrell Hill Road around 11:15 pm and discovered a male gunshot victim, according to Police.

Shooting1When police were called to a late-night shooting in a Dallas neighborhood, they only discovered one victim. (Source:

The individual, whose identity has not been made public, passed away after being taken to the hospital. No one has been arrested, and no other information was immediately available. The probe is still going on.

Det. Andre Isom can be reached at 214-671-3701 or [email protected] with reference to the case if you have any information.

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Further information, such as the sequence of events that led up to the shooting, was not immediately available. The inquiry is still ongoing.

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