Robert Hurd Accident Linked To Death: Obituary

Robert Hurd’s accident, tragically marking the end of his cross-country cycling journey, sent shockwaves through the cycling community.

62-year-old Robert Hurd was a dedicated bicyclist on a mission to raise money for injured cyclists.

He lost his life in a collision with a pickup truck while cycling through Crosby County, Texas. 

This devastating incident highlights the dangers cyclists face on the road and serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety and awareness. 

This article will delve into the circumstances surrounding Robert Hurd’s accident, the details of his untimely demise, and explore his commitment to helping fellow cyclists through his fundraising efforts.

Robert Hurd Accident Linked To Death

The Robert Hurd accident, linked to death on a Texas highway, is a sad reminder of cyclists’ hazards.

Robert Hurd was hit by a pickup truck while cycling across the country to raise funds for a nonprofit organization that supports fellow cyclists. (Source:

Robert Hurd, a 62-year-old cyclist from Middletown, Connecticut, embarked on a cross-country journey with a noble mission. He wanted to raise funds for a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating both motorists and cyclists while supporting those injured in bicycle accidents. 

The organization, named “Please Be Kind to Cyclists,” stood as a testament to the essence of compassion and safety that Hurd aimed to promote.

As Hurd set out on his remarkable journey, which had begun in San Francisco and was destined to conclude in his hometown of Connecticut, he had no clue of his tragic fate.

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The open road, often a source of exhilaration for cyclists, also holds its fair share of perils, and on this day, one such peril would claim the life of this passionate cyclist.

How Did Robert Hurd Die? 

The tragic demise of Robert Hurd can be attributed to a fateful collision with a pickup truck while he was cycling along the shoulder of the U.S. Route 62 in Crosby County, Texas.

Robert Hurd Accident The tragic accident in Crosby County, Texas, cut short Hurd’s mission, leaving his family. (Source:

On that unfortunate day, a pickup truck approached from behind as Hurd pedaled with determination toward his goal of raising funds for injured cyclists and promoting road safety. 

The circumstances leading up to the accident suggest that Hurd inadvertently veered into the truck’s travel lane. It is an unexpected and tragic turn of events that would lead to the fatal collision. 

Despite the protection of a helmet, the force of the impact proved insurmountable, ultimately claiming the life of this dedicated cyclist. 

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This heart-wrenching incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of cyclists on the open road. It underscores the imperative for both motorists and cyclists to exercise vigilance and caution to prevent such tragic accidents.

Robert Hurd Obituary Details Explored

The passing of Robert Hurd is not just a loss to his family and friends but also to the cycling community and the noble cause he fervently championed. 

His life and dedication to helping those who had suffered injuries in bicycle accidents deserve recognition and remembrance.

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Hurd’s journey through life was marked by both triumphs and trials, with cycling playing a pivotal role in shaping his path. In the summer of 2015, Hurd experienced a life-altering event when he was struck by a car while cycling. 

The collision left him with severe injuries, necessitating his admission to Hartford Hospital’s ICU. 

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He endured multiple surgeries and spent over two weeks battling for his life. His remarkable recovery journey from this near-fatal accident became a source of inspiration for many.

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