Pierre Poilievre Apple Video: Scandal And Controversy

What is all up with Pierre Poilievre apple video? A politician from Canada named Pierre Marcel Poilievre PC MP has led both the Official Opposition and the Conservative Party of Canada since 2022. 

Since 2004, Poilievre has held the position of member of Parliament (MP). The birthplace of Poilievre is Calgary, Alberta. 

He received a Bachelor of Arts in international relations from the University of Calgary. After that, he was employed by Canadian Alliance head Stockwell Day. 

Following the 2004 federal election, Poilievre was first elected to the House of Commons. 

He first served as the representative for the Nepean—Calleton riding, which is located near Ottawa, and later as the representative for the reestablished Carleton riding.

Poilievre worked for Prime Minister Stephen Harper from 2006 to 2013, holding a number of parliamentary secretary positions. 

From 2013 to 2015, he was Harper’s minister for democratic reform; in 2015, he was appointed minister of jobs and social development. Be with us to learn about Pierre Poilievre apple incident and the scandal and controversy related to it.

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Pierre Poilievre Apple Video 

While eating an apple, Canadian Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre coolly takes aim at a reporter who draws comparisons between him and Trump.

He was enjoying his fruit when reporter Don Urquhart, who is located in Vancouver, claimed that he was adopting Donald Trump’s political strategy.

The 44-year-old leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, is now ahead in the polls to become the country’s next prime minister.   

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Pierre Poilievre Apple Video went viral online. (Source: Daily Mail)

The leader of Canada’s conservative party was seen eating an apple casually as he was seen coolly criticizing a reporter who compared him with Donald Trump.  

The 44-year-old leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, is now ahead in the polls to become the country’s next prime minister. 

He was outside enjoying his fruit when reporter Don Urquhart, who works out of Vancouver, said that he was adopting Republican Donald Trump’s political strategy. 

Pierre Poilievre Scandal And Controversy

The leader of the Canadian Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre, gained notoriety this week after he was shown eating an apple and deflecting questions from a local journalist about his “populist” views and use of the “Trump” playbook.

Poilievre and Times Chronicle Editor Don Urquhart had the conversation last Wednesday while the conservative leader was visiting an orchard in Penticton, British Columbia.

During the conversation, Urquhart challenged the conservative leader about the perception that he is a “populist” who manipulates people’s emotions, akin to the actions of former US President Donald Trump.

In the video, Poilievre was shown coolly avoiding such descriptions and inquiring as to the identity of the journalist he was quoting. Urquhart proceeded to ask further questions after making several unsuccessful attempts to identify the leader. 

Just a few hours after it was posted, the video of Poilievre eating an apple and ignoring the questions received over 2.5 million views on X and sparked a ton of discussion online.  

Early Life Of Pierre Poilievre

On June 3, 1979, Poilievre was born in Calgary, Alberta, to a sixteen-year-old mother whose father was Irish Canadian. Shortly after Poilievre’s birth, Donald and Marlene Poilievre, two teachers, adopted him. 

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Poilievre grew up in a modest suburban Calgary home. He played ice hockey and went camping with his younger brother Patrick, whom Marlene and Donald had also adopted from their original mother.

Pierre Poilievre apple videoPierre Marcel Poilievre PC MP is a Canadian politician. (Source: CBC)

Poilievre was a paperboy for the Calgary Sun when he was a child. He wrestled for the Henry Wise Wood High School wrestling team until he was forced to quit at the age of 14 after suffering a brief ailment from shoulder tendonitis.

After the injury, Poilievre’s new pastime was attending the Alberta Tory Riding Association meetings. 

Consequently, he developed an interest in politics and began reading political texts, such as Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom, which significantly impacted his political outlook. 

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