Norman Thavaud Affaire 2023: Rape Case Charges And Controversy

This article revolves around Norman Thavaud Affaire. A French comedian and blogger noted for his quick-witted YouTube videos, Norman Jacky Cyril Thavaud also goes by the channel name Norman fait des vidéos. 

Tens of millions of people have watched some of his films. At college, Norman first met Hugo Dessioux (also known as Hugo Tout Seul), with whom he later founded the comedy ensemble “Le Velcrou” in March 2008. 

On the Dailymotion website, “Le Velcrou” frequently published humorous films. An acquaintance from a university named Marc Jarousseau (also known as Kemar) joined the group four months later.

Norman was introduced to Monsieur Dream, a fellow video blogger who had participated in a number of Le Velcrou’s videos by Le Velcrou. 

The same year, Cyprien made “Super Mega Noel,” a brief, amusing movie about Christmas. Hugo and Norman were two bloggers whom Cyprien mentioned in his writing.

Norman received a cinematography degree from the University Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in July 2009. In October 2010, Le Velcrou disbanded. The former members of the group have since released solo videos.

Be with us till the end to learn about Norman Thavaud Affaire 2023 and other personal details regarding her life.

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Norman Thavaud Affaire 2023

What is all up with Norman Thavaud Affaire 2023? This Wednesday, October 11, the rape and corruption of minors inquiry into YouTuber Norman Thavaud was closed. 

In 2022, six women complained against the content producer. A ranking without further investigation that shouldn’t end there. 

The investigation into YouTuber Norman Thavaud’s allegations of rape and corruption of kids has been concluded, the Paris prosecutor’s office declared this Wednesday, October 11. 

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Read on to learn more about Norman Thavaud Affaire details. (Source: le parisien)

A person familiar with the case told AFP that the charges were not sufficiently described as the explanation given. The prosecutor’s office in Paris stated that “the exchanges prior to the meetings were systematically sentimental and most frequently sexualized and unambiguous.” 

The pressure of not being able to see the accused again or his persistence cannot sufficiently characterize the restraint, the prosecution continued, “so it appears that the consents were not deceived.” 

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Norman Thavaud Rape Case Charges And Controversy

Several allegations of suspected sexual harassment against Thavaud were brought up in 2018. He was accused of persistently requesting sexual photos of her when she was 16, and he was 30 by Quebecois woman in 2020. 

She revealed that she had reported Norman to the Canadian authorities for “luring a child and sexual exploitation of minors” and that she had given the police access to all of the texts and images they had exchanged.

The press attaché for Thavaud denied the allegations but acknowledged that there had been communications. The Paris public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into “six complainants” in January 2022.

Norman Thavaud AffaireThe YouTuber was not the focus of the investigation into rape and kidnapping. (Source: Wikipedia)

Five were for rape, and two were juveniles at the time of the events. All of them had filed complaints. Thavaud was detained for 36 hours on December 5, 2022, as part of a preliminary inquiry into allegations of rape and kidnapping. 

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A brigade with expertise in the protection of children was given the task of conducting the inquiry. Following the news of his detention, the production company Webedia declared that it would no longer be working with Thavaud. 

Following these allegations, Norman’s videos were demonetized by YouTube, which was announced on December 10th. Since the case started to attract media attention, Thavaud claimed to have had “death threats, hordes of insults, and cyber harassment.”

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