Michigan Mom Catfishing Her Daughter, Kenra Gail Licari Arrest And Charge

Not-so-famous personality Kenra Gail Licari made headlines, recently in December this year. Was Michigan Mom Catfishing Daughter? Let’s investigate.

In late December, Michigan Mom, Kenra Gail Licari, was accused of catfishing her daughter in a harassment scheme. She tried to frame a classmate. 

For her act, Kenra faces five charges, including stalking a minor. 

Concerned authorities arrested Ms. Gail Licari for carrying out a catfishing harassment Campaign against two teens. One of the two teens included her daughter.

The Michigan woman agreed to plead guilty on five counts, including two for using technology to commit a crime, two for stalking a minor, and one for obstruction of justice.  

The court punished Licari in November this year, and she may face up to 10 years in jail for the computer crime charges and five years in prison for obstruction and stalking combined. 

She enacted her plan this year, and authorities arrested her on 12 December. 

Be with us; if you like how we unfold the Michigan Mom Catfishing Daughter Update. This news will take a step further to closely observe Kenra Gail Licari’s jail life and penalty details. 

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Michigan Mom Kenra Gail Licari, Catfishing Her Daughter

The mother of a daughter, Kenra Gail Licari, 42, was arrested for allegedly creating an online persona to cyberbully her daughter and the child’s ex-boyfriend. 

Michigan Mom Kenra Gail Licari was found stalking and harassing her daughter. (Source: Law & Crime)

On 12 December 2022, concerned authorities arrested her on multiple charges; two included cyberbullying minors. 

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However, Licari tried to frame another innocent classmate of the minors for harassment. 

The Michigan mother carried out a planned catfishing harassment against the two teens, including her daughter and her daughter’s former boyfriend. 

Many were shocked to discover how any mother could carry out such a hideous plan; after Licari confessed to her crime and bullying charges. 

According to the December 2021 investigation within the Beal City School District, Licari’s daughter and her then-boyfriend were cyberbullied. 

Ms. Kenra Licari was a basketball coach at Beal City School. Even the girl’s boyfriend’s mother used to work together with Licari. 

After having difficulty finding the culprit, local law enforcement offered their help and joined the FBI. 

The reports shocked everyone, as Ms. Kenra Licari was the mastermind behind all this bullying and harassment. 

She carried out almost 349 pages of harassing texts and messages to her daughter and her ex-boyfriend. The IP addresses linked with messages indicated Ms. Licari’s device. 

Following an inquiry, the Michigan woman finally revealed the truth and confessed her crimes. However, Licari never revealed the motive for her actions.

Furthermore, she was released on a $5 Thousand bond, but authorities claimed she might face up to 10+5 years in jail.

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Kenra Gail Licari Arrest And Charge

Michigan woman Kenra Gail Licari pleaded guilty to five counts: including two counts of using an electronic device to commit a crime, two counts of stalking minors, and one count of obstruction of justice.

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Michigan Mom Kenra Gail Licari arrestMichigan Mother Kenra Gail Licari was arrested for using an electronic device and cyberbullying her daughter. (Source: Bolde)

According to the December 2021 investigation within the Beal City School District, Licari was found guilty of stalking and harassing her daughter and her then-boyfriend.

She confessed her crimes, and her dull confession shocked everyone, as Ms. Kenra Licari was the mastermind behind all this bullying and harassment. 

Licari had to pay a $5 Thousand bond for her release and could face up to 10 years in prison for using an electronic device crimes charges and 5 years for catfishing, harassment, and obstruction. 

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