Lisa Urick Patterson Obituary And Death Cause Linked To Murder: Buried Alive

This article revolves around Lisa Urick Patterson obituary and death cause. In May 1997, people were looking for Gary, a Texas draftsman and single dad with a 6-year-old daughter Crystal.

A job opportunity to oversee a new development in El Paso would be a chance for Patterson to build a more secure future for them both.

His fiancee, Michelle Wilson, helped him pick out an outfit for his interview, she told Buried in the Backyard, airing Saturdays at 8/7c on Oxygen. 

They selected black pants, a white shirt, and cowboy boots, and he headed to the Waco airport. “He looked nice,” Wilson said. She never saw him again.

Lisa Urick Patterson obituary has been a topic of interest for people, so be with us till the end to learn more about it.

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Lisa Urick Patterson Obituary And Death Cause Linked To Murder

Wilson and Patterson’s parents were keeping an eye on Crystal at the time, but they had not heard from him. Lisa Urick Patterson Obituary was released by his family.

The Patterson family reported Patterson missing after becoming convinced that something was wrong.

The Chihuahuan Desert’s easternmost job site is located east of El Paso, as Patterson had previously said. Because that region was in Juarez, Mexico across the border, this raised some anxiety.

Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon remarked, “Juarez is famed for its corruption, for its violence, and for its crime rate.

Det. Steve January of the Waco Police Department had a similar worry. “He might have been robbed by someone. He might have been shot by someone. 

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He claimed that “someone could have killed him.” Anything might have occurred. Patterson had really taken a flight from Waco to El Paso, according to investigators. 

The trail subsequently became uninteresting. According to his brother, David Patterson, Patterson’s family made sure that he wasn’t in a jail or prison south of the border with assistance from the Mexican consulate.

Lisa Urick Patterson Obituary was revealed by his close ones. (Source: Naija Popstar)

Investigators discovered that custody disagreements had caused conflict during Patterson’s divorce in 1992. 

According to Buried in the Backyard, his ex-wife Lisa Urick Patterson had abducted the child in 1994 and “was in the wind” for about two years.  

According to January, Patterson’s ex-wife had a strong alibi when the police questioned her. She wasn’t a noteworthy individual.

Williams was also questioned by investigators to make sure she had no connection to the disappearance. 

Quickly, she was “crossed off the list,” as January put it. She had a defense. She cherished Gary. 

Was He Buried Alive?

Young mapped out the location of this tragic encounter for the detectives. Through the use of that map, Gary Patterson’s remains were discovered, and this was verified by dental records.

According to the medical examiner, Patterson had been struck by a blunt instrument and had sand in his lungs and nasal cavities. “Gary Patterson had been buried alive,” said January.

“If you ever have any doubts about the existence of evil, consider what happened to Gary Patterson. That is sheer wickedness,” Cawthon remarked.

Attorneys pushed for the death penalty. However, Sam Urick and Theodore Young admitted to killing Patterson in September 1999.

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Young was given 20 years in prison for his part in the crime and was freed in 2018 after serving 17 years.

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