Kentucky Debra Stamper Obituary And Death Cause: Family Mourns The Loss

This article revolves around Kentucky Debra Stamper obituary and death cause. Debra was the Kentucky Bankers Association’s longstanding executive vice president and general counsel.

With a 30-year career, Stamper was named one of Louisville Business First’s 20 People to Know in Banking. We inquired about her decision to pursue a career in banking for that piece. 

Stamper mentioned that she was given the chance to learn more about banking law and related topics by a partner at the firm who served as the outside general counsel to a bank in Louisville. 

Ultimately, she became an in-house attorney and director of compliance for the bank. 

After Brooks Senn, the previous general counsel, retired, a vacancy for general counsel at the Kentucky Bankers Association arose, and she applied.

“The KBA CEO, Ballard Cassady, sent her a copy of “The Art of War” and made me an offer for the position, subject to agreement with the bank’s CEO. 

She immediately realized that she would be a good fit for the position. People used to love her. They now want to know about Kentucky Debra Stamper obituary and death cause, so let’s begin.

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Kentucky Debra Stamper Obituary And Death Cause

The Kentucky Bankers Association’s veteran executive vice president and general counsel, Debra Stamper, passed away.

Ballard Cassady Jr., president and chief executive officer of KBA, broke the news of her passing on Saturday in an email.

It stated, in part, that Debra had been a pillar of the KBA family for 27 years, providing us with exceptional legal advice that made us the envy of all of my colleagues. 

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Debra Stamper obituary and funeral details will be released by his family. (Source: BizJournals)

Debra was ‘family’ to every one of us. You can depend on family to be there for you in times of need. 

All who knew her will miss her dearly, personally and professionally, in ways beyond our comprehension. Please continue to pray for her and her family.

According to her LinkedIn page, Stamper graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Spalding University in 1983 and a Juris Doctor from the University of Louisville in 1990. 

No public obituary for Stamper had been issued as of the time this article was published.

Stamper is a well-regarded professional colleague, according to Louis Straub II, Louisville market president for Independence Bank, who also noted that she was constantly accessible to the banking community. 

Family Mourns The Loss Of Kentucky Debra Stamper

The tragic passing of Debra has left her family in deep sorrow. As they struggle with the unbearable pain of bidding goodbye to their darling Debra, their hearts are heaving with sorrow.

The entire family is encircled by an outpouring of love, thoughts, and prayers from individuals who care about them terribly during this trying time.

We sincerely sympathize with Debra’s family and pledge our steadfast support as they struggle through their grief.

May they draw strength and comfort from the memories they have in common, the love they shared, and the lasting impact she had on their lives.

Debra Stamper obituaryDebra will be missed by everyone who loved her. (Source: Pay Last Respect)

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The pain of losing someone so beloved is beyond description, and we pray that the family may find the fortitude and strength to endure the days ahead.

They knew they could depend on her to be there for them no matter what. They knew they could always rely on her to help them in trouble. They knew they could depend on her. 

She will be severely missed personally and professionally by everyone who knew her, and her departure will impact all of us in ways that are difficult for us even to understand now.

Her leaving will affect all her close ones in ways that none can even begin to fathom.

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