Ken Lee Death And Obituary: Victim Attack By 8 Teenage Girl- Arrest And Charge

Ken Lee’s death and obituary have been trending all over the internet after teenage girls disturbingly killed him.

The homeless man who was fatally stabbed and beaten last month in a “swarming” attack allegedly carried out by a group of eight teenage girls has been identified by Canadian Police.

Police have stated that they think the teens from homes all over the Greater Toronto Area gathered after connecting on social media.

The girls may have been attempting to steal a bottle of alcohol from the man, according to investigators. Additionally, they claimed the same girls engaged in “swarming,” unheard of among girls, earlier that night.

Ken Lee Death: Attacked By 8 Teenage Girls

The victim, Ken Lee, 59, was identified by Toronto Police, who also said he was killed while attempting to stop the teenagers from stealing a liquor bottle from a friend.

On December 18, just after midnight, a fatal attack occurred in a plaza close to Toronto’s central train station and a homeless shelter. Police claim that Lee, a recent arrival from Hong Kong who had been living in Toronto’s shelter system, was attacked by a group of girls before they stabbed him.

According to a Police source who asked to remain unnamed, the girls attacked Lee like a pack of feral animals. The source went on to say that despite his efforts to fight them off, they kept coming back.

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Lee was taken to a local hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries after bystanders called for help.

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Ken Lee Obituary Details Explored

A GoFundMe Campaign has been started on behalf of the family by Helen Shum, who claims to be Lee’s relative. In the Campaign’s description, she writes that Lee’s passing has completely broken his mother’s heart.

The victim, who would have turned 60 last week, was referred to by Shum as a cherished son, brother, and uncle.

The family of Ken Lee is raising funds to pay for his funeral and legal fees. (Source: Twitter)

She went on to say that Ken was a good man who would lend a hand to anyone, whether they were close friends or just acquaintances. Shum claims that Lee left home last fall, determined to turn his life around after experiencing some bad luck.

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They made sure he knew they were always there for him and were eagerly awaiting his return, the relative continued. His family supported and understood his desire for independent resolution of his problems.

Ken Lee Murderer Arrest And Charges

In connection with Lee’s death, three 13-year-olds, three 14-year-olds, and two 16-year-olds are accused of second-degree murder.

According to Police, the teenagers accused of attacking Lee are from homes all over the greater Toronto area and met up near Union Station after becoming friends online. Three of them, they claimed, had previous run-ins with the law, compared to five others. 

Toronto PoliceDetective Sgt. Terry Browne said last month the “swarming” attack involving underage girls was “shocking.” (Source:

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Each girl was involved in the swarming killing, which detective sergeant Terry Browne described as shocking and disturbing last month. Due to their age, Canadian authorities are legally prohibited from identifying them. While the rest are awaiting hearings, one was granted bail last month and permitted to return to school.

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Anyone who isn’t shocked after hearing something like this has given up, according to the Toronto Police officer who claimed to have been in law enforcement for almost 35 years.

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