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Kapil Gupta, also known as Kapil Gupta MD, is an executive coach, author, and personal advisor to Kings, Queens, CEOs, professional athletes, celebrities, and performing artists around the world. He spent more than 25 years of his life in developing and polishing the skill of understanding the basic nature of the human mind and its working. Books written by him are fundamentally based on truth and freedom, their existence, meaning and what steps to follow to achieve in one’s real life.


Kapil Gupta is from Concord, North Carolina in the United States. He is the founder of the company ‘Siddha Performance,’ which teaches human beings to go beyond boundaries and reach our minds up to their maximum capacity. Most of his clients are world elites and a few hand-picked celebrities. ‘Siddha Performance’ is all about the truth and attaining its practice in our daily lives to achieve success and get acquainted with the essence of life. Kapil has a way of deeply understanding and explaining his perspective on how to live a fruitful life and give meaning to it.


Wife & Children

Kapil Gupta is married and has a son named Abhay Gupta, who is a golfer.

Kapil Gupta's son Abhay Gupta

Kapil Gupta’s son Abhay Gupta


Coach and Personal Advisor

After researching for more than 10 years about the elemental behaviour of the human brain, he came to know about some unknown truths in the world of professional sports. So to prove those truths, he decided to experiment with professional golf. After experimenting, he observed that players spend many hours a day excelling in their sport, but the outcomes of the tournaments were not according to how much they practised. He concluded that ‘Outstanding performance on a world-class stage does not come from spending 100% time acquiring the skills, and it comes from accessing the skills that took years in assembling.’ Many world-class executives and sportspersons are thankful to him for their personal and professional growth. A few of his clients are Lynn Tilton (founder and CEO of Patriarch Partners), Naval Ravikant (founder and CEO of AngelList), Hayley Wickenheiser (4-time Olympic Gold Medalist In Women’s Ice Hockey), and Tomas Pacina (2016 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins).

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Kapil Gupta has written 3 books. He claims that his books guide the reader on a spiritual and mental path to achieve satisfaction, peace, and happiness in life. In 2016, he wrote the book ‘Atmamun: The Path To Achieving The Bliss of The Himalayan Swamis. And The Freedom of A Living God.’ In 2017, he published the book ‘A Master’s Secret Whispers: For those who abhor the noise and seek The Truth…about life and living.’ In 2018, he wrote the book ‘Direct Truth: Uncompromising, non-prescriptive Truths to the enduring questions of life.’

Cover of the book 'Direct Truth - Uncompromising, non-prescriptive Truths to the enduring questions of life' by Kapil Gupta

Cover of the book ‘Direct Truth – Uncompromising, non-prescriptive Truths to the enduring questions of life’ by Kapil Gupta

What is Siddha Performance?

Siddha Performance

Siddha Performance

‘Siddha Performance’ is a company and a concept that reportedly works for the spiritual benefit of people and defines everything based on truth. According to Kapil Gupta,

‘Siddha Performance’ is devoted to The Truth.

The Truth about Supreme Creativity.

The Truth about Ultimate Human Performance.

The Truth about the acquisition of Otherworldly Skill.

The Truth about gaining Access to Accumulated Skill.

The Truth about acquiring Peace.

The Truth about living in Freedom.

The Truth about the fundamental nature of the Human Mind.”


  • His services are exclusively available for top-notch and elite clients.
  • Golf is the sport that he chose to prove and check the result of his theory.
  • Kapil Gupta has more than 1.2k followers on Instagram, but he follows only one person on Instagram, his son, Abhay Gupta. He has more than 95k followers on Twitter.
  • He posts articles and releases podcasts and interviews on his official website.
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