Jesse Garcia Arrest And Charged: Where Is Suspected Shooter Now?

People are curious to learn about Jesse Garcia arrest and charge. Jesse Garcia, has five recent arrests and a lengthy criminal history dating back to his juvenile years.

Following the shooting and police pursuit on the west side last week, officers Rhett Shoquist and Raul Chavez are currently recovering with their families. Idalia, a hurricane, weakens to a category one storm as it passes into Florida.

After two San Antonio police officers narrowly escaped a shooting last week while pursuing a wanted criminal, health professionals emphasize the significance of understanding trauma triggers and seeking help. 

“A threat to life and limb, that’s a whole other level of trauma that first responders have to deal with,” said Julie Strentzsch, CEO of the Crisis Center of Comal County.

They are the men and women in blue, pledged to protect and serve in a line of work fraught with peril. Read till the end to learn about  Jesse Garcia arrest and charge.

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Jesse Garcia Arrest And Charged

Jesse Garcia Arrest And Charge have been a topic of interest for people. 

The suspect accused of shooting two San Antonio Police officers on Thursday and wounding a third had been released from custody twice in the previous year.

Jesse Garcia, 28, is now being prosecuted on eight brand-new felonies for aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, and aggravated assault on a public official. He continues to be detained in the Bexar County Jail on $4.33 million in bail.

Garcia has a lengthy criminal history dating back to his teenage years, so this is not his first time behind bars. However, lately, getting out has become simpler.

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Garcia was detained in September 2022 on suspicion of narcotics possession and unlawful car use, but he was eventually freed after posting $17,000 in bonds.

Jesse Garcia arrest news has gained the interest of people. (Source: WOAI)

In June, he was taken into custody on charges of auto burglary, fleeing from police while in a vehicle, and having a firearm while a felon. He then posted more bonds totaling $40,000 at that time.

However, the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office reported that those amounts were increased. New warrants were filed in early August when the bondsman handling Garcia’s June arrest lost contact with him.

Garcia allegedly turned his rifle on SAPD officers Thursday night as they attempted to apprehend him for the warrants. 

According to the police, two officers were shot and are still being treated at the hospital. One more person who was injured by debris has already been released. 

Where Is The Suspected Shooter Now?

On Wednesday morning, a suspect who is suspected of shooting two San Antonio police officers and hurting a third during a manhunt is expected to appear in court.

Following the shooting on Thursday night, Jesse Garcia, Jr., 28, was charged with five charges of aggravated assault on a public official, two counts of aggravated robbery, and one act of aggravated kidnapping.

Garcia opened fire on police as they tried to apprehend him for outstanding warrants in the 100 block of Oriental Avenue, just southwest of downtown.

At that point, a second cop riding in the passenger seat and the vehicle driver were both hit by objects. According to authorities, Garcia stole a car while his driver was being held at gunpoint.

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Jesse Garcia ArrestBail rejected for the man accused of killing two San Antonio police officers. (Source: KENS5)

Garcia then went to the West Side’s 2600 block of Westward. He got out of the car there, fired at the police, then went to a Westwood Plaza Apartments unit and barricaded himself there.

The second wave of shooting resulted in many hits to another cop. Garcia was taken into custody after a protracted standoff that lasted many hours.

According to records, Garcia has a criminal background that dates back to his teenage years. In the previous year, he had received two releases from prison.

The defendant has been charged with illegal use of a vehicle, drug possession, auto burglary, eluding arrest while driving, and a felon possessing a handgun. 

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