Is Taha Duymaz Dead Or Alive? Death News- TikTok Star Missing After Turkey Earthquake

Is Taha Duymaz Dead Or Alive? The TikTok star has been missing since the earthquake hit Turkey, causing massive casualties.

Taha Duymaz rose to prominence as a social media influencer. He is quite a famous chef and musical artist. 

The TikTok star shared his amazing recipe through his social handles, which many netizens like. Due to this, he succeeded in collecting a massive fan following. 

Although Duymaz first rose to fame for his limited-budget cooking recipe, he further gained popularity for sharing his school days struggles and how he got fond of cooking.

Duymaz was last active on TikTok an hour ago before the 7.8, and 7.5 magnitude earthquakes hit Turkey for the first time. He uploaded a video on TikTok on Sunday at 7 pm local time. 

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Is Taha Duymaz Dead Or Alive? Death News Update

As of now, nothing can be said for sure whether or not Taha Duymaz is dead or alive. However, the news has been confirmed that the building he was in collapsed in the devastating earthquake. 

Taha Duymaz rose to fame as a TikTok star. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, some of Duymaz’s family members are also buried under the rubble of that collapsed building. No new update reveals that the TikToker is out of the wreckage. 

However, some updates do so the sign of Is Taha Duymaz being alive. As per Expat Gide Turkey, Dilan Polat, who was going live in front of Taha Duymaz’s house, reported,

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“We found the house, we came, Taha’s brother has been here for 3 days. We want help, support, his brother heard a voice. The house where Taha was located was on the bottom floor.”

If this is true, then some of the people beneath the collapsed building where Taha lived are still alive and are in wait for recuse. 

Another news is about YouTube programmer Gökhan Çınar shares,

“Crane and operator have been directed. There is another building where Taha and all our lives are in the debris above the building.” Further, he adds, 

“A large crane and system is expected to enter from here again to lift the other building. We are waiting. Oğuzhan, Derya Uluğ, Mustafa Akan and the whole team are struggling wholeheartedly. CZN Burak is miserable with the teams, we are waiting for you. We want good news with unending hope.”

Moreover, the site mentioned that The AFAD team reached the 8-story building where Duymaz and his family were residing; however, no update on their health has been made public. 

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Taha Duymaz Sister Makes Rescue Plea

Taha Duymaz has been out of people’s touch since he was buried in the collapsed building. His missing was already making his fans curious to know what happened to him, and after his elder sister made a rescue plea through social handles, many are now waiting for his health update. 

Is Taha Duymaz Dead Or Alive?Taha Duymaz, TikTok star, is still beneath the collapsed building. (Source: Instagram)

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According to News Unzip, Taha’s sister, Semiha Duymaz, shared her belief that her brother is still alive and wanted help from the people to remove the collapsed building so that he could be saved. 

Furthermore, Semiha also notes that four other family members are beneath the rubble. Her message reveals that recuse team was still nowhere to be found, and she wants more intensive rescue efforts.  

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Update: Death Toll, Building Collapsed, 

According to The Wall Street Journal, more than 21,000 people lost their lives in the Turkey-Syria earthquake. Similarly, survivors are facing a hard time, mainly due to snow and freezing temperatures. 

Many people battling through a hard time after facing 7.8 and 7.5 magnitude scale earthquakes are angry after many buildings collapsed in the mishap, questioning the quality of the structure. 

Taha Duymaz was in one of the building that collapse after Turkey earthquake.Taha Duymaz was in one of the buildings that collapsed after the Turkey earthquake. (Source: NPR)

According to Deadline, around 11,342 buildings are estimated to be collapsed. One of the main reasons why Turkey and northern Syria are facing massive death tolls is the well-constructed apartments falling down. 

Due to this, questions are arising about construction safety. Many well-known news portals are also covering the news and are working to reveal building safety, including BBC.  

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