Is Mel Tucker Fired? Scandal And Comment Controversy

Is Mel Tucker fired? American football coach and former player Melvin Gene Tucker II. 

He has been Michigan State University’s head football coach since 2020, and he presently holds that job. Previously, Tucker was Colorado’s head football coach for the 2019 year.

Throughout the last five games of the 2011 NFL season, Tucker served as the Jacksonville Jaguars’ temporary head coach. 

He has served as the defensive backs coach at Ohio State, Alabama, and the University of Georgia as well as the defensive coordinator for the NFL’s Chicago Bears and the Tide.

Mel Tucker received a guaranteed 10-year, $95 million contract from Michigan State in November 2021, the third-largest contract ever granted to a football coach at a public university, making him one of the highest-paid coaches in college football history.

Let’s get into the article till the end to learn about Mel Tucker Fired news, and get to know is it true.

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Is Mel Tucker Fired?

Two years ago, a well-known rape survivor and one of the top college football coaches in the country joined together to combat the prevalence of sexual violence in sports.

Their alliance ought to have been a positive influence. Instead, it has turned into a scandal, with the activist accusing the coach of engaging in the same behavior that they both condemned.

One of the most paid coaches in all of sports, Mel Tucker, the head football coach at Michigan State University, is the defendant.

Talking about Mel Tucker fired news, we are investigating the fallout from recent sexual allegations. (Source: The State News)

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Brenda Tracy, a rape survivor who has dedicated her life to educating athletes about sexual abuse, is the one who is accusing him.

Over the course of eight months, they built a working rapport that was based on her lobbying efforts. 

Tucker sent three invitations to Tracy to visit his campus: once to receive an honorary captaincy at the team’s spring football game, and twice to address his players and staff.

Scandal And Comment Controversy Of Mel Tucker

Brenda Tracy claims that Tucker invited her to talk to student athletes about her horrible experience of being raped by three Oregon State University players and a high school recruit 25 years ago. 

Brenda Tracy bravely accepted to be recognized by USA Today. 

Tracy has received numerous invitations to the university to talk to the MSU football team and receive recognition for her advocacy efforts with her non-profit, Set the Expectation. 

Even last year’s spring game’s honorary captain was named for her. Numerous thousands of athletes on more than 100 college campuses have heard Tracy’s inspiring speeches.

Tracy asserts that they became friends as a result of their interactions. She claims, however, that on April 28, 2022, Tucker started non-consensual phone sex.

Mel Tucker FiredOn September 10, 2023, USA Today published an article describing Brenda Tracy’s alleged sexual harassment by Tucker. (Source: NBS24)

Tracy adamantly maintains that she did not authorize this behavior and complained to the school in December 2022. 

Tucker refuted Tracy’s assertions in response to her complaint to a Title IX investigator MSU had retained to look into the situation.

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 A USA Today reporter approached Tucker about the situation, but Tucker declined to comment. 

To the contrary, he wrote in a letter to a Title IX investigator in March that “Ms. Tracy’s distortion of our mutually consensual and intimate relationship into allegations of sexual exploitation has really affected me.” 

Although Tucker acknowledged that he wasn’t particularly proud of his judgment, he insisted that he had not violated any rules of conduct.

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