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Gopali Tiwari is an Indian lifestyle content creator and is known for showing the authentic version of herself in front of the world.


Gopali Premniwas Tiwari was born on Monday, 29 September 1997 (age 26 years; as of 2023) in Surat, Gujarat. Her zodiac sign is Libra. She chose commerce as a subject in high school. Then, she did her BBA (marketing) and M.Com (marketing) from Veer Nirmad South Gujarat University, Surat. She is also doing her MBA (marketing) from the same institute and is looking ahead to starting with her Ph.D. in the coming years. She was involved in her family business before she got into making YouTube videos.

Childhood picture of Gopali with her sister Jhanvi

Childhood picture of Gopali with her sister Jhanvi

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 4′ 11″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black



Her family belongs to Etawah, Kanpur which is a place in Uttar Pradesh but she was born in Surat, Gujarat.

Parents & Siblings

The name of Gopali’s father is Premniwas Tiwari and her mother is Gitanjali Tiwari. She has introduced her parents to the world in many of her videos. Her father is a businessman while her mother handles a lot of back activities that go on during the shooting of her content.

Gopali with her parents

Gopali with her parents

Gopali also has a younger sister Jhanvi Tiwari who is a content creator with the channel The Brown Daughter.

Gopali with her sister Jhanvi Tiwari

Gopali with her sister Jhanvi Tiwari

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Husband & Children

Gopali is unmarried.


Gopali has not shared much about her personal life, but she once revealed that she had a relationship for 7 years.


Before YouTube

Since her school days, Gopali has been quite active in her family business.

As a YouTuber

Gopali started a YouTube channel while she was still in college before she started her current one. According to her, that channel did not grow much and she could only get 1K subscribers in 2 years. She decided to portray a more real version of herself and created the present YouTube channel where she posts day-to-day vlogs and food challenges. She has over 700K subscribers.

Gopali's YouTube Channel

Gopali’s YouTube Channel


  • Food: Rice and dal with bhindi sabzi
  • Actress: Karishma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt
  • Beverage(s): Tea and Coffee
  • Podcast: The Ranveer Show, ERC Podcast
  • Musician: Maithili Thakur
  • Pastime: Watching YouTube and annoying her sister
  • YouTubers: Flying Beast, Komal Vlogz, That Quirky Miss, Mridul Sharma, Captain Nick
  • Emoji: Hand raising emoji, Monkey with closed eye


  • Gopali revealed that she likes to have people who are funny around her. She also had a cringe moment with a guy who was trying to flirt with her by cracking jokes that were not funny just to show off his sense of humor.
  • Gopali got her toe broken when she was a child and got it stitched back together.
  • Her family members call her Gopu at home.
  • She hates having milk and has shown her dislike for milk in many of her videos.
  • Gopali is a pure vegetarian.
  • In a Q&A video, Gopali revealed that is always insecure about losing people in her life including her YouTube followers. However, she would like to improve more on it because she gets stressed out about it.
  • Gopali can touch her tongue with her nose and considers it a ‘special quality.’
  • In a video, Gopali also talked about how notorious she was in her childhood and that she burnt her house by getting inspired by a TV show. She set fire to the furniture when no one was at home and then ran away to her tuition classes. This incident happened when she was in second grade. 
  • Gopali does not like listening to songs but prefers podcasts over them.
  • She started hating dogs and cats after she got bit by a dog when she was in 11th standard.
  • She hates when someone sings Happy Birthday song in a public place for her. She says that it makes her extremely awkward and conscious.
  • Gopali loves to host people and says that eating food and having nice conversations with her friends is something that brings her happiness. She often has her friends over at her studio.
  • The most expensive item that she has ever purchased with her own money is her car.
  • Gopali revealed that she has been bullied when she was in 11th and 12th standard because she came from a very small school from a place near Surat. She was extremely fed up with the boys that she stopped going to school for a while. 
  • According to Gopali, Shalini Mandal (fashion and lifestyle vlogger) is quite underrated and deserves more appreciation.
  • Gopali’s first paycheck from YouTube was for 1Lakh rupees after a few of her videos got viral.
  • Her longest relationship was for 7 years, however, she has not revealed any details about it yet. 
  • In a video, Gopali revealed that she has an influencer crush on Vishnu and Govind Kaushal (Actor, and humorous content creator.)
  • Gopali’s shoe size is 37 and she shares that with her sister and mother.
  • In a video, Gopali told that if she wasn’t doing YouTube, she would have been a professor.
  • Gopali revealed that she does not like to be touched, hugged, or kissed too much even by her family members.
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