Francesco Marlett Video And Photo Viral: Maryland Officer Cheating Scandal

Francesco Marlett video and photo went viral on the internet. The officer’s wife criticizes her online after discovering their heated embrace with another woman. 

The disgruntled wife of the Maryland police officer Francesco Marlett, who was exposed as having an extramarital affair with Virginia Pinto, is seen with him and wants to ‘talk it out’ with his mistress.

Corporal Francesco Marlett, 34, a married man, is currently the subject of an investigation after being caught on camera having sex with the scantily clad Virginia Pinto. 

Marlett’s wife Paula, 29, took the exclusive photos of Marlett and his wife looking stressed outside their Maryland home. 

Paula claimed that she and her husband are “handling the situation discreetly,” but she wants to meet with her husband’s mistress to “hash it out.”

Be with us till the end to learn more about Francesco Marlett video and photo details which went viral on the internet.

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Francesco Marlett Video And Photo Viral

Exclusive photographs show the unfaithful Maryland policeman who was exposed kissing another lady together with his hurt wife. 

Photos from show Corporal Francesco Marlett, 34, and his wife Paula, 29, outside of their Maryland house, where they continue to live together despite having an affair. 

Marlett has not responded to the accusations, but he and his wife appear to be presenting a unified front.

Francesco Marlett video has went viral on the internet. (Source: DailyMail)

This week, he gained notoriety after being photographed having sex with a scantily clad lady as the two got into the rear of his Maryland-based Prince George’s Police Department car. 

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Marlett, who is currently suspended and on paid leave pending an inquiry, took off his uniform on Friday and made an appearance outside the $343,000 family home owned by his mother wearing just a white robe and flip-flops. 

Paula previously attacked Virginia Pinto, his mistress, in a vicious social media post, and she has since volunteered to meet with her face-to-face to talk about the matter and “hash it out like adults.” 

Maryland Officer Cheating Scandal 

The Maryland police officer’s mistress and estranged wife are engaged in a Facebook argument, both claiming the other was the first to cheat in their respective marriages. 

The Maryland police officer was caught on camera having sex with the mistress while on duty. 

Paula Marlett, the wife of Francesco Marlett, a police officer for Prince George County, said that her husband had cheated on her “for years” and that he had dumped his “mistress,” whom she identified as Virginia Pinto, as a result of her infidelity. 

This was a “very tough time,” Paula wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday, for her and her three kids. I love you all, she wrote as her final statement on her blog.

Early on Wednesday, Pinto responded to Paula’s charge that she was the one who had cheated on her husband. 

“I did nothing wrong,” Please don’t be furious at me since your husband wants me, Paula Marlett pleaded in a scathing post, “Paula Marlett isn’t telling the whole story, which I understand. 

Officer Francesco Marlett of the Prince George’s County Police was identified on Tuesday, and the division later suspended him for his behavior.

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Francesco Marlett videoThe disgruntled wife of the Maryland police officer Francesco Marlett, who was exposed as having an extramarital affair with Virginia Pinto, is seen with him and wants to ‘talk it out’ with his mistress. (Source: FOX News)

The policeman has been located. His police authority has been suspended while the inquiry is ongoing, according to a PGPD bulletin. 

Paula tweeted a video of the startling encounter on Tuesday as well, captioning it, “There goes my husband and his mistress.” 

Paula and Pinto both have three kids, according to their respective Facebook sites. Pinto also served in the US Army.  

Marlett has served at least three suspensions, the most recent being an unpaid one in 2016 when he was accused of abusing a child by reportedly knocking out his then-girlfriend’s three-year-old kid; the accusation was later dismissed for unknown reasons.

After being accused of domestic abuse in May 2023, he was also suspended for one month; nevertheless, he returned to work in June and was given the Bureau of Patrol assignment. 

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