Dulce Alavez Missing Update 2023: Was She Found Yet?

Saturday, 16 September 2023, will mark the four-year since Dulce Alavez went missing. Here is the latest update on Dulce Alavez missing case.

Dulce was only five when she disappeared from a Bridgeton, New Jersey, park on 16 September 2019.

The young girl was playing with her younger brother, who was three then, while their mother was waiting for them in a nearby car.

It is believed that the girl was abducted. Her family and the authorities are still searching for her and hoping for her safe return.

Many people are eager to learn about the latest updates on the case. Here is what we know in regard.

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Dulce Alavez Missing Update 2023: Was She Found?

Dulce Maria Alavez, who went missing on 16 September 2016, has not been found yet. However, authorities and her family are still actively searching for her.

Dulce Maria Alavez would have celebrated her 9th birthday on 25 April this year if she had been with her family.

Authorities released this picture of someone they want to speak to concerning the disappearance of Dulce Maria Alavez. (Image Source: Inquirer)

The investigation into Dulce’s disappearance has involved multiple agencies, including the Bridgeton Police Department, the New Jersey State Police, and NCMEC.

The authorities have followed up on thousands of tips, conducted hundreds of interviews, and searched various locations but have not found conclusive evidence of Dulce’s whereabouts.

They have also released sketches, videos, and age-progression images of Dulce and the possible suspect to generate public awareness and assistance. The authorities have not ruled out any possibilities.

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A Florida team recently joined the search for clues about Dulce Maria Alavez’s disappearance.

It says it has some leads to follow and wants to talk to locals who may know something about the case.

Also, the residents will hold a vigil this weekend to mark the anniversary of her vanishing.

On Saturday at 4:30 pm, people will reportedly gather at a tree near the playground where Dulce Maria Alavez was last seen to hold a vigil for the missing child.

The tree, called Dulce’s Tree, is often adorned with flowers, balloons and messages of hope for her return.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children will release a new image of Dulce’s appearance. The group released the last one in 2021

Moreover, a few months ago, the Anti-Predator Project, a Florida-based organization, joined the search for Dulce after getting a request from volunteers helping the girl’s family.

Dulce Alavez Disappearance

On the day of her disappearance, Dulce Maria Alavez, five years old, was playing on the swings with her brother while her mother, who was pregnant, was in her car 30 yards away.

Dulce Alavez MissingA crew was searching for Dulce Alavez a day after she was reported missing. (Image Source: NJ)

Dulce Maria Alavez’s mother, Noema Alavez Perez, was doing a scratch-off lottery ticket and helping her younger sister with homework.

Around 4 pm to 5 pm (ET), Noema Alavez Perez checked on her children and found her son crying alone on the swings.

Shortly after, over 30 police officers searched the nearby woods but found nothing.

They believed that the young girl was abducted, and the suspect has been described as a light-skinned Hispanic man, about 5’8, who drove a red van.

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But the police still don’t have any solid suspects. Dulce’s disappearance was featured on Dr. Phil and In Pursuit with John Walsh.

In 2020, a false claim that Dulce had been found dead was spread on social media.

In 2021, FBI special agent Daniel Garrabrant said, “The offender that took Dulce was probably there for a while.

They added it was an opportunity crime. They were looking for a child of a certain age or gender.

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