Blerand Hoxha Arrest And Assault Charge: Youth Soccer Coach Ince Villanueva Attacked

Blerand Hoxha arrest news has gained significant public and media attention. Let’s take a deeper look at the incident in this article.

Blerand Hoxha is a 46-year-old man who was arrested for hitting another man in the head with a metal water bottle.

The shocking incident reportedly occurred on 26 August 2023 at Hellwig Park during a soccer game in Manassas, Virginia.

The victim, a youth soccer coach, suffered a serious injury and is currently recovering in hospital.

As the news has made a significant buzz, many people are curious about Hoxha’s arrest, charges and the reason behind his attack.

Let’s unpack all the available details related to the incident below.

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Blerand Hoxha Arrest And Charge Details

Following the incident, Blerand Hoxha has been arrested and charged with malicious wounding.

Blerand Hoxha attacked the victim, Vince Villanueva, a youth soccer coach who was watching the game.

Blerand Hoxha, who violently attacked coach Vince Villanueva (pictured above), has been arrested and charged with malicious wounding. (Image Source: Fox5News)

The 46-year-old reportedly struck the coach in the head multiple times with a metal water bottle during a game on Saturday.

Other attendees reported the incident, and Prince William County police reached the scene immediately.

Police simply stated that the two men knew one another. However, the authority did not immediately provide details of the altercation.

It appears Blerand and Vince Villanueva knew one another as coach and parent. The injured victim recalled that the team was losing badly.

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The coach stated, “The father approached the son to speak with him, and when I went to retrieve him and re-enter him into the game, I asked, ‘Are you okay?”

“After being told that he (student) wasn’t, the parent asked, “Coach, can I talk to you?” Following that, the situation got worse,” added coach Vince.

Youth Soccer Coach Vince Villanueva Was Badly Injured

The youth soccer coach, Vince Villanueva, was badly injured after the attack. The coach, who has extensive experience in the field, is currently recovering in the hospital.

According to Fox 5 News, the coach’s eyes are swollen and damaged due to a parent allegedly beating him repeatedly with a metal water bottle.

Blerand Hoxha ArrestThe youth soccer coach Vince Villanueva, who has nearly two decades of coaching experience, advised parents to create a fun environment for their kids and let coaches do their job. (Image Source: Fox5 News)

When the boys’ team of the Northern Virginia Soccer Club scrimmaged, Coach Vince claimed he was standing in for a friend.

There were several off-duty police officers present, so they worked to gather the children in a secure area and diffuse the situation, the witness claimed.

Coach Vince stated he had never met or seen Hoxha before and had never been involved in a similar situation on the field.

The youth soccer coach had a message for parents who can become frustrated with coaches even though.

He said, “The sports might get competitive, but make it a fun environment for coaches and let them perform their jobs.”

“Let kids have that moment of someplace to escape from as they already have enough stress with everything else in the world,” added the coach.

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Coach Vince Villanueva has reportedly been working as a coach for 18 years.

At Potomac Senior High School, he serves as the team’s head coach for the varsity girls’ soccer squad.

Coach Vince is presently concentrating on his recovery; after that, he will determine when he is prepared to return to the game.

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