Angie Oeh Death Cause And Obituary: Lung Cancer And Health Issue

Angie Oeh death has sent a shockwave to her fans and family. The young musical artist bid farewell to the world on 19 August 2023.

Angelique Eurika Greeff, popular as Angie Oeh, was an Afrikaans Chat rhymer from Pretoria, South Africa. 

Angie’s music was combined with Hip-hop, rock n’ roll, and pop music. Similarly, she had described her music and songs as “an ode to women” while identifying as Gay.

Oeh’s music videos are popular among the youth, and she made music videos with famous Afrikaans rappers Jack Parow and Van Pletzen.

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Angie Oeh Death Cause And Obituary

The loved young Afrikann artist Angie Oeh died untimely, which has bewildered her family, close ones, and friends.

On 19 August 2023, Angie’s friend Wynand Myburgh a.k.a. Valkie van Coke, revealed that the artist lost her life in the battle with the chronic disease cancer.

Valkie stated that ” It is a profound grief to lose Angie at such a young age, people who met her and worked with her will know how wonderful and special she was”.

Angie’s PR manager Louise Crouse reported being with her girlfriend, mother, family members, and loved ones in her final moments on Earth.

The news of Angie’s demise has devastated many fans; her family and the people close to her are the most devastated.

Angie Oeh’s family and fans are deeply grieving at the news of her untimely demise. (Source: Condolencemessages)

Twenty-four years old Angie had the special aura to make the people around her happy; her smile and bold personality were praised by many. 

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Similarly, Angie Oeh’s song lyrics are the strength and way of living for many of her fans. Now, she will reach out to them only with her incredible creation.

On the Instagram account of the late Angie Oeh, fans have written tons of condolence messages for her family. Similarly, they are praying for the rapper’s rest in eternity.

Although Angie Oeh will not be present among us physically, she will be remembered for her works. Moreover, her fans will remember her for her artistic creations and music.

Angie Oeh Death Cause: Lung Cancer And Health Issues

Afrikaans rapper Angie Oeh lost her life in an intense battle with chronic lung Cancer for about one year.

In 2022, Greeff had a cancerous tumor measuring 15 cm in diameter. She had immediate surgery and removed the tumor from the back then.

After about one year of the tumor removal, Angie again started to have health complications and complained about her pain in the side around June 2023.

After that, she regularly visited Oncologist and ran the test series. The report concluded that she had to stay in the hospital for the complete treatment.

On 14 August 2023, Angie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and underwent emergency surgery on 15 August.

Angie Oeh DeathAngie Oeh died battling with the 4th stage of Lung cancer. (Source: Instagram)

Angie Oeh had successful surgery and consecutively underwent Chemotherapy.

Her body faced many complications during the sessions, and it worsened on her second session on 18 August 2023.

After that, Angie continued her battle at the fine line between life and death while staying in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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However, her will to live faded when her body organs were exhausted and started failing.

Sadly, the aspiring and loved rapper Angie Oeh met her death on 19 August 2023 in a Hospital bed surrounded by her family members, friends, and loved ones.

Rest In Peace, Angie Oeh; you will be remembered.

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