Amanda Abbington Controversy And Comments: What Did She Say?

People want to know about Amanda Abbington controversy and comments. English actress Amanda Abbington was born Amanda Jane Smith on February 28, 1972. 

Her most notable roles in a more than thirty-year stage and screen career include Josie Mardle in Mr. Selfridge (2013–2016) and Mary Morstan in Sherlock (2014–2017).

Among her other roles is Marilyn Harwood in Dream Team (1999–2000), Siobhan in the BBC sitcom After You’ve Gone (2007–2008), and roles in the drama series Cuffs (2015) and Safe. 

God of Carnage (2018), The Son (2019), and The Unfriend (2022–2023) are a few of the theater roles she has performed in. 

Recently Amanda Abbington controversy and comments have gained people’s notoriety.

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Amanda Abbington Controversy And Comments: What Did She Say?

The Amanda Abbington controversy has been a topic of interest for people. 

“I am not a transphobic person, I am a firm supporter of the legitimate trans community. I always have been,” Abbington said in an Instagram video while addressing the recent backlash and controversy.

Before signing off, Amanda Abbington would want to explain her perspective.

The Sherlock actor, 49, canceled her account on X in response to backlash regarding her selection for the most recent season of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC.

Abbington was among the first famous contestants for the dancing reality program to be revealed, but she swiftly came under Fire for her outspoken remarks about transgender people.

Recently Amanda Abbington controversy and comments have gained people’s notoriety. (Source: Spectator)

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According to Deadline, many fans reportedly vowed to boycott the program, and others even referred to the actress as a “TERF” or trans-exclusionary radical feminist. 

Abbington addressed the topic in an Instagram video she made after leaving the platform, noting that the outrage was brought on by a tweet she had published in March about a 12-year-old performing drag in an “over-sexualized” manner.

Abbington stated in the video from Sunday that she thought drag was “brilliant” and “an art form.” She also highlighted that it “absolutely has a place in the entertainment industry.” 

Still, she insisted that she opposed having a young child act in a “sexualized” way in front of grownups. 

Past Controversy Of Amanda Abbington

Abbington has received fire before for her remarks against the transgender community. 

She allegedly stated, “You cannot have a penis and want to be referred to as a woman,” in a post on Facebook in 2020, according to Deadline. 

She responded to these remarks afterwards and described her post as “stupid” and “ill-informed.”

According to the publication, she claimed at the time, “I did my research, and I’m much more informed now.” 

Abbington addressed those remarks in a video she posted on Instagram on Sunday, confessing, “I’ve said terrible things and quickly regret them. Everyone is taking classes.

“I am an ally of the LGBTQ community,” she said. “Everyone makes stupid mistakes, but what you do next and how you handle them matters.”

“I’m not anti-transgender… As long as we are conscious of one another, take care of one another, and avoid hating on one another, I believe there is room for everyone, she said. I’m sorry, then. 

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Early Life Of Amanda Abbington

On February 28, 1972, Amanda Jane Smith gave birth to Abbington in North London, England. She grew up in Hertfordshire as an only kid.

Martin Freeman and Abbington met while working on the set of the 2000 movie Men Only. The couple made joint appearances in movies like The Debt, The Robinsons, The Good Night, and Sherlock. 

Amanda Abbington controversyActress Amanda Abbington of “Sherlock” deletes her Twitter account after accusations of transphobia: I’m Not a Hateful Person. (Source: Wikipedia)

Before their divorce in 2016, Abbington and Freeman, who share a son named Joe and a daughter named Grace, resided in Hertfordshire.

Abbington and Jonathan Goodwin, a former escapologist, were engaged as of October 2021.

She and Goodwin had been online friends for many years, but they didn’t actually meet until after her divorce from Freeman. Goodwin popped the question within 30 minutes of their first meeting in Vienna.

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