Who Is Allan Meehan Wife Elise? Comanchero Boss Arrested In Gold Coast

Elise is Allan Meehan wife. The Comanchero bikie boss has been married to his wife for several years. They also have a child – reportedly registered at a Gold Coast School.

Following the early morning raid on the Gold Coast, the National Comancheros Boss Allen Meehan has been arrested.

The 35-year-old Comanchero bikie boss reportedly breached the NSW Supreme court’s grave crime prevention order placed on him in November.

National Comancheros is an outlaw motorcycle gang in Asia and South East Asia.

Authorities brought him to the Southport Watchhouse, and he will likely face court soon.

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Who Is Allan Meehan Wife Elise?

Allan Meehan is married to his wife, Elise. The married duo is also the proud parents of one child.

The pair led a happy family with their only child. The identity of their kid has been kept confidential.

Allan Meehan shares one kid with his wife, Elise. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Although it is unknown when the pair tied the knot, we can assume that the smitten pair have been together for several years. Mrs. Meehan’s profession is yet to be disclosed.

The Comancheros boss’s lady love often appears on his Instagram feed. The lovebirds can be seen spending quality time together. In addition, we can also get glimpses of their lavish lifestyle.

Allan Meehan’s child is reportedly registered at a Gold Coast school.

Comanchero Boss Allan Meehan Arrested

Queensland Police detectives on the Gold Coast arrested the notoriety gang Leader Allan Meehan at a Benowa Waters home on Thursday morning.

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Allan Meehan was taken into Police custody without incident, and the NSW authorities are anticipated to arrange his extradition.

According to Federal Police National Anti-Gangs, this arrest includes detectives from the Organized Crime Gangs Group, NSW Criminal Group Squad, and the Australian Federal Police.

Moreover, it reminds gang members that National Taskforce Morpheus is committed to cooperating with them to protect the community.

The Allan Meehan, aka “bathrobe bikie,” is subjected to among the strictest orders ever issued on a person in NSW. The order covers his movements, bank accounts, and phone usage.

The gang Leader must reside at the nominated address. In addition, Allan Meehan must also give Police notice at least 24 hours in advance if he plans to spend the night somewhere other than his designated address.

Allan Meehan arrestThe famous gang Leader Allan Meehan is subjected to among the strictest orders ever issued on a person in New South Wales. (Image Source: Sky News Australia)

Meehan must also give Police notice at least 24 hours in advance if he plans to spend the night somewhere other than the designated residence, which is believed to be in the Southern Highlands southwest of Sydney. Meehan must also reside at the designated address.

Additionally, it limits the Comanchero boss’ use of phones, emails, and internet accounts and forbids him from creating an alias or altering his address without consent.

The famous gang Leader is also not permitted to wear his Comanchero club “colors” or patches bearing the gang’s logo, nor is he permitted to possess more than $10,000 in cash at once.

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Allan Meehan Gold-Plated V-Rod Bike

Allan Meehan took to Instagram to showcase a spectacular customer Harley Davidson V-Rod and a striking gold frame and engine last year.

Current prices in Australia for regular models of the collectors’ particular, which has since been discontinued, go up to $100,000.

However, according to motorcycle experts, the magnificent bike’s impressive paint job and gold polish make it practically priceless.

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