Was Princess Diana Pregnant With Dodi Child? Miscarriage And Health Issue

Was Princess Diana Pregnant With Dodi Child? She was Prince William and Harry’s mother and Charles III’s first wife.

Diana was raised near the royal family on their Sandringham estate and was born into a family of British aristocracy.

In 1981, she was engaged to Charles, Elizabeth II’s eldest son, while working as an assistant to a nursery instructor.

After their July 1981 wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral, she was crowned Princess of Wales, a title that was warmly welcomed by the populace.

William and Harry, the couple’s two sons, were third and second in the British throne’s line of succession at the time.

Diana and Charles’s incompatibility and adulterous encounters caused their marriage to suffer. They split up in 1992, not long after their relationship’s dissolution was made public.

The couple’s marital problems were extensively reported, leading to their 1996 divorce.

The rumors say that Princess Diana was pregnant with Dodi’s Child back then which is still the biggest topic of discussion among people.

Was Princess Diana pregnant with Dodi Child? Let’s debunk this question and try to learn more about this rumor.

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Was Princess Diana Pregnant With Dodi Child?

Was Princess Diana Pregnant With Dodi Child? There are still a lot of conspiracy theories about Princess Diana’s death more than 20 years later.

The late princess is said to have been carrying Dodi Fayed’s child when she was dating him.

The notion that she was pregnant has become a focal point for conspiracy theorists, in part because of her vague statement to journalists a few weeks before her passing regarding “a big surprise.”

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Was Princess Diana Pregnant With Dodi Child? Maybe this theory will never be debunked. (Source: People)

The Egyptian millionaire’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, encouraged the pregnancy theory after the tragic Paris automobile tragedy in 1997 that claimed the lives of both Princess Diana and Fayed.

He also mentioned that the couple was shortly to get engaged.

His theory included the idea that the British secret services and the royal family were planning to prevent the marriage because they didn’t like the couple.

With her inquiry, however, and the documentation she provided in her book When The Dogs Don’t Bark: A Forensic Scientist’s Search for the Truth, forensic scientist Professor Angela Gallop put an end to the pregnancy talk.

Princess Diana Miscarriage And Health Issues

Pregnancy hormone hCG levels were not detected in Princess Diana’s blood samples taken from the vehicle.

Blood tests reveal this hormone’s levels 11 days after contraception, and these hCG levels usually double every 72 hours following that.

Gallop stated in her book that “all of the test results were negative in the end.” This implied that Diana had not been taking contraceptive pills and was most likely not pregnant when she passed away.

Was Princess Diana Pregnant With Dodi ChildThere are still a lot of conspiracy theories about Princess Diana’s pregnancy and demise more than 20 years later. (Source: Biography)

However, some people don’t think the blood test findings are legitimate, citing Princess Diana’s hasty embalming, which would have eliminated the possibility of a urine pregnancy test.

On the other hand, the embalming time is logical. Given that her injuries were consistent with the reason for her death, the doctors saw no reason to hold up the procedure.

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Additionally, giving pregnancy tests to deceased women is not a routine procedure.

Regardless of the rationale, it appears that people are still inclined to believe this rumor—along with numerous others—about Princess Diana’s life and demise. 

Details On What Dodi’s Father Said

“One day, the truth will be revealed. Mohamed said, “The evidence will show that she had a child by my son,” Radar reported. “I believe Diana and Dodi were killed because she was expecting a baby with a Muslim.”

This would have been verified by an autopsy, but Mohamed claimed that her organs were taken out nearly right away after she was declared dead.

Mohamed claims there are over a hundred classified documents and audio recordings detailing the two parties’ affair hidden away in a vault at Fort Meade, which is purportedly the National Security Agency’s (NSA) covert headquarters.

Mohamed wants the royal coroner, Dr. Michael Burgess, to reexamine Diana’s death using the recordings that the NSA has.

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