Veronica Tejera Arrested After Her Husband Dax Tejera Death: What Did She Do And Where is She Now?

Why was Veronica Tejera arrested? She was detained after her husband died, leaving Bobby Van’s restaurant in Midtown.

Veronica Tejera and Dax Tejera have been a trending topic after Dax’s death revealed that the couple left the hotel room, leaving their daughter alone. 

The medical examiner revealed that Dax died due to asphyxia. It was caused due to airway obstruction by food bolus complicating acute alcohol intoxication, which is determined as an accident. 

The couple was in the elegant Bobby Van’s restaurant in Midtown with their friend to have dinner, Dax’s wife mentioned that he collapsed before going to the hotel, and she went to the hospital with him. 

But the hospital pronounced his death shortly after sending him to the emergency. After Dax passed away, there has been much other news on trends. 

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Veronica Tejera Arrested After Her Husband Dax Tejera Death

Veronica Tejera was charged with child endangerment shortly after her husband died. Police department mentioned that they left their children alone in the hotel room. 

One was two, and the other was five months old; they went to have dinner with their friends locking them from outside. 

Dax Tejera died of a food-choking incident while intoxicated on December 23, 2022. (Image Source: MEAWW)

Veronica mentioned that she was tracking her children through the camera.

When she went to the hospital with her husband, when he collapsed, she asked her friend and parents to be with her children, but the hotel manager did not let them go inside.

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She mentioned that it was a poor decision to leave her children alone, but she couldn’t through with the right mind when her husband collapsed.

Although the children were unharmed, she mentioned it was a poor decision. She was arrested on December 23 after the hospital announced that her husband was no more.

The hotel administrator called NYDP, saying two children were left alone after her friends tried to enter the hotel room. 

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What Did Veronica Tejera Do, And Where is She Now?

After the hour of her husband’s death, she got arrested for abounding her two-year-old and five-month-old daughter in the hotel room. 

Veronica was arrested on December 23, and since then, more update about her arrest has not been out. She has been following the court order and reviewing court documents after being charged with leaving her children alone. 

Tejera’s charges have not been dropped, although after she mentioned she was watching them through the two cameras they placed in the hotel room. 

Veronica Tejera and her husband Dax Tejera with their daughters.Veronica Tejera and her husband, Dax Tejera, with their daughters. (Image Source: Hello Magazine)

She has been with her daughters and family since the death news and her arrest news was out; she claimed it was a bad decision and asked for privacy. 

So, the news has not been updated about her arrest and charges, she is not in jail currently, but she has been following the court order and working on dropping the charges. 

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Hopefully, the charges against Veronica will drop; she has been through a tough time after her husband’s death, and she was arrested just an hour after he died. So, we should probably respect the privacy of her and her family. 

Veronica has gone private after sharing the news in public, and people have been curious to learn more about her arrest and charges. 

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