Sarah De Lagarde Accident Update: What Happened To Her And Where Is She Now?

Sarah De Lagarde accident, a life-altering event on a rain-soaked London Underground platform, catalyzed an extraordinary journey of courage.

In 2022, a harrowing accident forever altered the life of Sarah de Lagarde, a determined mother from Camden, north London.

A simple slip on a rain-soaked platform led to a tragic sequence of events that resulted in her losing an arm and a leg, run over by not one but two Tube trains. 

However, Sarah’s remarkable story turns toward hope and innovation as she becomes the world’s first person to operate a cutting-edge AI bionic arm that can read her mind. 

This groundbreaking technology promises to give her back a piece of the life she lost. This article will delve into Sarah de Lagarde’s journey and the accident that changed her life.

Sarah De Lagarde Accident Update 2023

Sarah De Lagarde’s accident update for 2023 marks a testament to her unwavering determination and the boundless generosity of humanity.

In a Tube accident, Sarah de Lagarde suffered the loss of one arm and one leg. (Source:

In a remarkable development for Sarah de Lagarde is now on the verge of a groundbreaking transformation in 2023. 

Following the tragic loss of her arm and leg due to the accident, Sarah is poised to become the world’s first woman with a bionic limb infused with artificial intelligence (AI). 

Thanks to a determined fundraising campaign, Sarah overcame the significant financial barrier. She is now set to receive a technologically advanced bionic arm.

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Sarah can regain her independence and redefine what it means to live with resilience and innovation. She found her solution in a remarkable bionic hand created by Covvi, a pioneering company based in Leeds. 

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What Happened To Sarah De Lagarde?

What happened to Sarah De Lagarde was a tragic accident on a rainy London Underground platform that changed her life.

Sarah De Lagarde AccidentSarah de Lagarde is not just a survivor of a harrowing accident but also an inspiring symbol of resilience and determination. (Source:

Lagarde’s life took a dramatic and unforeseeable turn in September of the previous year. While waiting on a rain-soaked platform within the London Underground, a simple slip led to a devastating accident. 

Sarah fell beneath a train carriage, which would ultimately result in losing her arm and leg. 

Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, her injuries were too severe to salvage these limbs. It was a harrowing experience that could have left anyone in despair. 

However, Sarah’s remarkable resilience and determination shone through as she journeyed to reclaim her life.

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She explored cutting-edge technology that would enable her to regain the use of her arm, making her a pioneer in the world of AI-assisted bionic limbs.

Where Is Sarah De Lagarde Now?

Today, Sarah De Lagarde stands on the precipice of a remarkable transformation. 

Her life, which once hung in the balance after a catastrophic accident, is now infused with hope and innovation. She got unwavering determination and the generosity of countless supporters. 

Sarah successfully raised the funds needed to acquire a pioneering bionic arm, leading her toward greater independence and functionality. 

Sarah embodies resilience as she prepares to receive the world’s first AI-enhanced bionic limb. She proves that adversity can be met with unwavering determination and a vision for a brighter, more promising future. 

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Her story continues to inspire, reminding us all of the incredible potential of the human spirit to triumph over even the most daunting challenges.

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