Remembering Homes Under The Hammer Craig Mcnaught Death: Obituary And Funeral

A visionary in business, Craig Mcnaught death has piqued the interest of people. He was renowned for being the director of the company focused on the electronic business, C.D.M. Pvt. Ltd.

Craig died in 2021. Many people expressed their admiration online in the wake of the devastating news. While others cared for the struggling family and prayed to God for help, one person composed R.I.P.

Today’s episode of Tommy Walsh and Jacqui Joseph’s Homes Under the Hammer on B.B.C. One featured a property in Nuneaton. 

The owner of a two-bed porch in the town was introduced to the moderators. The Fountain House, which is nearby, has already been mentioned in the television program.

He was the manager of the disbanded company, Nuneaton, England-based C.D.M. Worldwide Communications Limited. The situation was taken on by him on February 21, 2003.

Be with us till the end to learn more about Craig Mcnaught Death, Obituary And Funeral details.

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Remembering Homes Under The Hammer Craig Mcnaught Death

Family members of English businessman Craig Mcnaught were shocked to learn of his passing. His passing is being mourned by his family and friends. 

To express their sorrow, others have posted on social media. Although Mcnaught has been dead for approximately five months, people are still looking for information about him and his life.

He was a September 1980-born businessman and entrepreneur from England. He was the director of the company that catered to the electric industry at C.D.M. Pvt. Ltd. 

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Craig Mcnaught death has devastated everyone, and they are still missing him. (Source: Top News Recenter)

He started working for C.D.M. Global Communications Limited in Nuneaton, England, on February 21, 2003 and served as its director until it was liquidated. On July 22, 2021, he passed away at age 40.

Because he lived a quiet life away from the internet, it has been challenging to learn more about him.

Only his death was stated, not the reason for it. We are still trying to determine the cause of his death because there hasn’t been a statement about it. 

Obituary And Funeral Of Craig Mcnaught

He was 40 years old on July 22, 2021, and was born in September 1980. 

In a commendation, M G Evans and Sons mentioned that the memorial service would take place at the Heart of England Crematorium in Nuneaton on August 11, 2021. 

Additionally, they offered advice on how to deliver flowers and presents to The Dog’s Trust’s office in Long Street, Atherstone. There aren’t many nuances about Mcnaught’s family on the internet.

When he was still living, Uncovered revealed nothing about any individuals, including their character and calling. Nevertheless, his burial service announcement suggests that he was a married man and a father. 

The intricacies of his better half and children remain unspoken. He also had at least one relative. The nuances of his teaching powers remain a mystery. 

We were unable to locate his official account, thus he didn’t seem to be active on websites like Facebook when he was alive. He might not have used one or had another pen name.

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Craig McnaughtRest in peace Craig Mcnaught. (Source: Canva)

He started his telecommuting broadcast communications company with a reserve of roughly $27,000. Other than that, Craig joined PB Leisure Ltd. on September 15, 2009, and worked there for almost six years as a chief and secretary.

In a similar vein, he also maintained his position as company president of Romangate Limited from 30 March 2009 to the same day, one year for  

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