Remembering Grace Tanner Death: What Happened To Her And How Did She Die?

Grace Tanner death has been a topic of interest for people. In Salt Lake City, philanthropist Grace Tanner, 98, passed away on Friday, April 7, 2005.

Mrs. Tanner and her husband left a legacy of charitable generosity to the arts, education, and the common good. She was very passionate about the Utah Nature Conservancy and the Red Butte Gardens.

Mrs. Tanner was a former secretary for O.C. Tanner and the widow of Obert Tanner, who founded the business and passed away in 1993. 

The University of Utah’s Humanities Center and The Gift of Music both bear the pair’s names. Let’s get into the article to learn more about Grace Tanner death and other personal details.

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Remembering Grace Tanner Death: What Happened To Her And How Did She Die?

Obert C. Tanner, professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Utah and the founder and former chairman of the O.C. Grace Tanner death was the biggest loss in the world of philanthropy. 

Tanner Jewelry Company endowed the Grace A. Tanner Center for Human Values through the Tanner Trust for Utah Universities.

People are remembering Grace Tanner death and have been searching more about her personal details. (Source: SUU)

The Trust’s goal was to fund a lecture series at three Utah universities where the Tanner family had strong ties: Southern Utah University, where Grace Adams Tanner, Obert’s beloved wife, had studied, and the University of Utah, where Obert Tanner served as a philosophy professor and where his father Joseph served as second president.

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“Grace Tanner was an uncommon woman who exuded charm and generosity in every facet of life,” said Kent Murdock, president and chief executive officer of O.C. Tanner. 

Every interaction with Grace was nice because of her constant grin and great sense of humor.

Personal Life And Career Of Grace Tanner 

Thomas and Luella Redd Adams welcomed Grace, the sixth child, into the world in Parowan, Utah. 

In addition to raising their six children and assisting with the business that started in a cellar and expanded into a global conglomerate, she married Obert Tanner in 1931. 

The outdoor Adams Shakespearean Theater in Cedar City, which bears Grace’s parents’ names, was founded thanks in large part to the philanthropic efforts of the Tanners. 

In 1985, the Utah chapter of the National Society to Prevent Blindness gave Grace the Person of Vision Award. 

Her academic interests were skewed toward the sciences, particularly biology and anthropology, two subjects to which she made significant contributions. At the age of 98, she died in 2005.

Remembering Grace Tanner DeathRemembering Grace Tanner Death news was one of the huge losses in philanthropy. (Source: Find A Grave)

The center’s mission is to promote maximum exposure of students, professors, and the general public to the concepts that most effectively illustrate the human condition and the values that contribute to its definition. 

Since 1980, the Tanner Center has allowed visitors to interact with some of the brightest minds in the world—both men and women who have excelled in their specialized professions. 

There are names of Nobel laureates, Pulitzer laureates, university presidents, English lords, and even former US presidents on the list. 

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In addition to the yearly lecture, the Tanner Center offers other events like the Distinguished Faculty Honor Lecture and the Grace A. Tanner Scholarship, which provides a student chosen by one of the university’s schools with a full year’s worth of tuition and fees. 

The Tanner Room is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for study and the use of reference materials and offers resources for both students and faculty.

Danielle Dubrasky, an associate professor of English at Southern Utah University, serves as the Tanner Center’s director. 

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