Ocala School Shooting Sky Bouche Parents: Where Are They From? Family

Who are the Ocala school shooter Sky Bouche parents? Here is what we know about the shooter’s family and background.

The Ocala school shooting occurred on 20 April 2018. Sky Bouche, a former student of Forest High School, reportedly opened fire at the HS through the door, injuring a student.

Sky Bouche was sentenced to 30 years in jail for the offense. The convicted shooter told the authorities he felt he had been ignored and wanted to go to prison.

Bouche even confessed that he researched different shooting incidents had found school shootings received more publicity. The 24-year-old said his searches motivated his decision to open fire at his former school.

The 2018 incident has been gaining significant attention recently. People have been asking about Sky Bouche’s family and parents.

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Ocala School Shooting Sky Bouche Parents: Where Are They From?

The identity of the Forest High School shooter’s mom and dad is yet to be made public. However, it has been made clear that Sky Bouche has a grandmother named Linda Castello.

Sky Bouche’s grandmother said he was sorry for what he did and hoped other children to learn from the incident. (Image Source: Click Orlando)

The loving grandmother was present during the hearing in 2021. Castello said that his grandson is sorry for what he did and is a nice person. She also hoped that other children would learn from the incident.

Apart from that, there are little or no details about Bouche’s other family members. He attended high school in Ocala, and his family must also reside around that area.

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However, the shooter disclosed how he was raised and the circumstances around how he obtained a firearm and the shooting unfolded.

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Sky Bouche Grew Up Surrounded By Violence And Mental Illness

Bouche claimed he suffered abuse but was not physically abused as a child and grew up in a violent and mentally ill environment. He thought the shooting was “pretty much” his only way out of the circumstances.

“Violence and conflict are my earliest memories,” he remarked. “And nobody will accept my story. One of the reasons people don’t take me seriously is because of this,” added Sky Bouche.

The shooter dreamed of enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps to escape the mayhem around him, but those dreams were destroyed when he was evaluated for mental health problems under the Baker Act at the age of 14.

Sky Bouche ParentsSky Bouche claimed that his earliest memory is about violence and conflict. (Image Source: AP News)

Bouche claimed to have chambered a round in his sawed-off shotgun on the day he opened fire in his old school. Bouche said that at that time, all he felt was an ‘adrenaline rush.”

“I was ready to do something, but it’s not rage or hatred; it’s an adrenaline rush,” Bouche confessed. “I got this buzz since I spend most of my time alone in a room, so that’s how I felt,” he stated.

When he reached the school, he went to the bathroom and got ready, wearing gloves and a tactical vest. Soon after students entered their classrooms, he went out and fired once but didn’t know someone was hurt.

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Sky Boucher said he stopped shooting and surrendered to teachers after seeing a girl crying without running away.

He added, “I could’ve shot her, but I just, I don’t know, I just couldn’t do it.” This caused him to drop his weapon. The shooter also admitted that he had no intention of killing anyone.

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