Niamh Loader Death: Was Australian University Student Killed In Bali?

Niamh Loader, an Australian University student, was found dead, and her family is still in denial about her death.

After an Australian University student who traveled to the Indonesian island to have work done on her teeth was discovered dead on the bathroom floor of her hotel room, Balinese Police questioned dental clinic staff.

Niamh Finneran Loader, 25, was found dead at the Kuta-Bali Famous Hotel on December 2. According to forensics experts, there were no signs of trauma on her body.

Ms. Loader, an Irish woman, reportedly traveled to the well-known vacation spot to get a bone graft and a false tooth made, but it is unclear how or when she passed away.

Niamh Loader Death: Was She Killed In Bali?

An Australian University student named Niamh Loader’s death has left her family in denial after her body was discovered on the bathroom floor of the hotel she stayed in.

It is not sure if she was killed or not. The room where Ms. Loader had been staying had been examined, and at least seven people, including hotel staff, had been questioned, according to Kuta Police Chief Yogie Pramagita.

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He stated that the Daily Mail Australia would question the dental office representative. He continued by saying that they couldn’t conclude the case based solely on speculation.

To conclude this case, they should also see the autopsy results to determine the reason for her death.

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Niamh Loader Remains Was Not Taken To The Hospital

Indonesian forensic specialists told Nine News they couldn’t figure out why Ms. Loader’s body wasn’t taken to the hospital until December 7, five days after it was discovered.

The head of forensics at Bali’s Prof Ngoerah Hospital, Dr. Ida Bagus Puta Alit, told a TV network that they did not know where the body was before that or why it was brought to our hospital only five days after the date of death.

Several days before the young woman’s body arrived at the hospital, her family was informed of her passing. On December 3, four days before the body appeared, a relative from London named Chloe Marie Loader posted on Facebook about the shock passing.

A local Police source, however, informed Daily Mail Australia When Ms. Loader was discovered, she was immediately taken to a hospital close to the hotel.

The source claimed that when she arrived at the hospital, the doctor discovered that she had already passed away. Her body was then transported from the morgue to the hospital, Dharma Yadnya, by the hospital.

Niamh Loader Autopsy Result

According to Dr. Alit, the body was given a preliminary inspection as soon as it arrived at the hospital, but an autopsy wasn’t done until December 13.

The pathology and toxicology test results, which could take a month, were currently awaiting the attention of the doctors.

An Australian University student named Niamh Loader’s death

Dr. Nola Margaret Gunawan, a forensic expert, told Nine that although it was unknown what transpired in the five days following Ms. Loader’s death, investigators were still conducting a “thorough examination.”

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The West Australian was told by her Father, Malcolm Loader, that his daughter was delighted with the outcome of the quick dental procedure she had.

According to Mr. Loader, the Police are currently looking into her death but have no idea what caused it. According to reports, Mr. Loader and his wife Tina Finneran have flown to Bali to retrieve their daughter’s body and brought it back to Perth.

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As it is believed that Ms. Loader traveled without insurance, friends have also created a GoFundMe page to raise money.

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