Karate Jessica Hugues Accident Update: What Happened To Her And Where Is She Now?

Karate Jessica Hugues Accident news is all over the internet, and people want to know more about it. French karateka Jessica Hugues was born in Toulon on April 17, 1994. 

Houdan Karate-Do is the name of her club. Jessica Hugues earns her first dan black belt at Samura Toulon Var Karate. She won the International Minimal Open in 2008. 

She won the 2011 global championship for juniors in Malaysia in team kata. Then she was promoted to senior.

She won the gold medal in team kata at the 2012 European Championships in Tenerife on May 13, 2012. 

In the senior team kata at the 2012 world championships in Paris-Bercy, Jessica Hugues reached the third position on the podium with the help of Sonia Fiuza and Clotilde Boulanger. 

Jessica Hugues accident news is going viral on the internet, so be with us till the end to learn more details on that news.

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Karate Jessica Hugues Accident Update: What Happened To Her?

Jessica Hugues accident is true, in a karate, but it happened in the past, not now. 

She used to be a member of the France Karate Team and is a World and European Champion, but last year she had a serious accident and broke her first cervical vertebrae while competing. 

As a result, she cannot return to karate, which is why she participates in fitness. For her, it’s a brand-new challenge, and she adores it!

Jessica Hugues accident was very devastating for her career, but she grew through it. (Source: Iron Shark Nutrition)

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The doctors told her she was a miracle and should be in a wheelchair, therefore, it’s crucial for me to get this message out to my followers about my new struggle following my injury.

She advised others NOT to GIVE UP and HAVE FAITH. After finishing her workouts with weights, she either does HIIT cardio or does her cardio with the Stairmaster.

She does plyometric exercises and heavy-weight training. My favorite exercises include the front squat, deadlift, lunge, and jump squat.

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More Details On Her Accident: Where Is She Now?

Jessica Hugues sustained serious injuries on March 15, 2015, while watching the team kata demonstration. 

She fell on her head and broke her cervical C1 vertebra. She will stay in the hospital for a month, where a cranial halo will be fitted for her, which she will wear for three months to repair her fracture. 

Jessica Hugues rejoined the French squad after a protracted layoff following her accident, and together with Marie Bui and Lila Bui 6 they won the bronze medal in team kata at the 2018 European Karate Championships.

Jessica Hugues AccidentShe is a famous French karateka. (Source: Karate Records)

To prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, Jessica Hugues joined the French Olympic pole in 2019. 

After announcing her pregnancy and giving birth to her daughter in October 2019, she finished her training and concluded her profession.

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