Jason Frink Got Arrested In A Fight At San Diego Hotel, What Did He Do?

As soon as San Diego Hotel assault news surfaced, Jason Frink Got Arrested In A Fight after his involvement in assault charges.

Jason Frink got arrested after his involvement in a physical assault on New Year’s Eve at a hotel in San Diego.

U.S. Marine Corps confirmed to DailyMail.com that Jason Frink is a marine and got hospitalized, but his injuries in the attack are not evident.

The physical assault occurred on New Year’s Eve at a San Diego hotel and Hotel worker Ronnie Toms defended her little coworker by fighting off the attacker.

Following the incident, Ronnie Toms, one of the hotel employees, asked Frink to leave, but he refused, continuing to walk down the lobby.

Jason Frink Arrested In A Fight At San Diego Hotel

Following the incident, a photo of the man identified as Jason Frink,U.S. Marine Corps, assaulted two workers at a hotel in San Diego on New Year’s Eve.

Video captured the shocking moment a U.S. Marine attacked two female San Diego hotel workers, including a woman who was 4-foot-10- inches before being knocked out by a metal lamp.

Jason Frink got arrested after his involvement in a physical assault on New Year’s Eve at a hotel in San Diego. (Source: Dailymail)

The video shows a male named Jason Frink approaching the hotel desk and asking for a room. When the two women behind the counter told him there was no availability, the man became hostile and began swearing at them.

When one of the hotel employees, Ronnie Toms, asked Frink to leave, he refused and continued to walk through the lobby.

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When the unidentified coworker, a petite brunette, told him he could not pass, he shoved her in a rage as she appeared both stunned and terrified. 

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 What Did Jason Frink Do?

A loud commotion is heard on the video as Toms grabs a metal lamp fighting back, and she is seen bashing Frink with the light as he tries to grab her feet.

Toms continued to hit Frink face down on the ground at this point, using his hands to cover his head before he submitted. 

Blood puddles can be seen on the hotel’s floor in the video. In the altercation, the victim and the culprit both sustained injuries.

In the viral video, viewers heard the video sharing her hip and leg pain after the assault. News Relationship reported Jason Frink got hospitalized, but it is unclear what the injuries he sustained were. 

After the upsetting incident, skateboard enthusiast Ronnie Toms released a comment on Instagram. Even though she named her assailant, she called him “Aggressive Dare” in a recent post.

The victim encouraged her followers to “throw a couple of dollars her way and then fill in the name of her Venmo account and cash app” if they wanted to “send her love.”

What Are The Charges Faced By Jason Frink?

The Marine authorities are aware of and are actively investigating a video on social media of an incident potentially involving a Marine.

Jason Frink got ArrestedJason Frink was a marine cop who got arrested for assault in a hotel(Credit:Reddit)

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On January 11, 2023, the Marine unit – I MEF COMMSTRAT in Camp Pendleton, California, acknowledged it was Jason Frink but did not give his rank or the number of years he has been a Marine.

Sources claim The Marine Corps remains committed to holding its Marines to the highest standards and will not tolerate any violation of our institutional core values.

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