Is Adam Britton Arrested? Dog Abuse Video Gone Viral

Many people wondered and questioned, “was the Zoologist Adam Britton arrested for abusing and torturing numerous dogs?

Adam Britton is a British-born biologist/zoologist and crocodile expert who spent over two decades working in Australia.

He is well-known for his work on crocodile biology and conservation and his appearances in documentaries and television shows such as Man vs. Wild, Crocodile Dreaming, and Go, Diego! Go!.

The former crocodile expert also hosted Sir David Attenborough when filming a segment of the Life in Cold Blood docuseries on his farm.

The public was shocked when Britton’s dark animal abuse story, which he even kept secret from his wife, came to light last year. Let’s take a detailed look at how the zoologist betrayed the trust of animals and humans alike.

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Is Adam Britton Arrested?

Yes, Adam Britton was arrested in April 2022.

The former crocodile expert pleaded guilty to 56 counts of bestiality stemming from the rape, torture, and killing of dogs in the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory, Australia, on Monday.

Adam Britton, who pleaded guilty to raping and torturing numerous dogs, was arrested in April 2022. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

He also pleaded guilty to four counts of charges stemming from accessing and transmitting child abuse material.

The 51-year-old reportedly started sexually abusing dogs in 2014 and tortured over 42 canines. A court in Australia reported Monday that 39 of the 42 dogs had died.

He continued his heinous act for nearly a decade, i.e., until his arrest in April 2022. It has been reported that the animal abuser managed to keep his disturbing fantasies a secret – including from his spouse.

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Britton was once a respected crocodile expert and zoologist who worked at Charles Darwin University and hosted Sir David Attenborough on his property.

He was known for his research on crocodile biology and conservation and his involvement in various documentaries and TV shows. He seemed to have a passion for animals and their welfare.

But behind his facade of professionalism and expertise, the crocodile expert was hiding a dark and twisted secret.

A zoologist who should have been a protector and advocate of animals turned into the world’s worst animal abuser.

Adam Britton’s case is a stark reminder of the evil in some human beings and the need for vigilance and justice for innocent victims.

Adam Britton Dog Abuse Video Gone Viral

When Adam Britton used to torture dogs, he would record it. He even uploaded these graphic contents online using a pseudonym and obtained child abuse material.

Adam Britton ArrestedAdam Britton, who was once a respected crocodile expert, turned into the world’s worst animal abuser. (Image Source: NT News)

One of the videos reportedly went viral. Eventually, an unknown person sent a video to the Northern Territory (NT) Animal Welfare Branch, who then forwarded it to the NT police, who detained Britton.

Specifics of the case have not been made public due to the graphic nature of the crime by Adam, who was once a Charles Darwin University academic.

Since many dog owners had to grudgingly give their pets up due to travel or business obligations, Britton frequently “built a rapport with the dog owners in negotiating taking custody of their animals.”

Britton has been remanded in police custody since his arrest last year. His sentencing has been scheduled for December 2023.

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Adam Britton deserves no mercy for his vile acts as he abused and killed innocent dogs and shared child abuse material. Let’s hope he will be punished for his dark crimes. Justice for the animals!

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