Hữu khuynh là gì?

Bạn đang xem: Hữu khuynh là gì? tại Trường THPT Diễn Châu 2 – Nghệ An Question: What is Righteousness? The answer: Rightist means: – In favor of conservatism, against reform, against progress. Righteous thought. …

Bạn đang xem: Hữu khuynh là gì? tại Trường THPT Diễn Châu 2 – Nghệ An

Question: What is Righteousness?

The answer:

Rightist means: – In favor of conservatism, against reform, against progress. Righteous thought.

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What is righteous?

“Rightist” is a conservative, stagnant thought that does not dare to make a “jump” (a qualitative change) when there has been enough accumulation of quantity.

The law of transformation from quantitative change to qualitative change and vice versa of the unique dialectic in managing the progress and quality of investment in traffic construction

All phenomena are dynamic and develop by gradually changing the volume, the amount of change until a certain point exceeds the existence of the self to the point of nodal point, then a step is released, creating a qualitative change. of self. As a result, the old energy, the old substance is lost, and the new spirit, a new substance is born. The new substance acts back on the new quantity, the new quantity continues to change gradually, until at some point, beyond the existence of self to the nodal point, a step will take place to create a qualitative change, as if The reciprocal interaction between the two sides of quality and quantity creates a path of movement and continuous development of all events and phenomena. When a new substance is born, it is necessary to know how to determine the size of the growth rate to adjust the quantity accordingly, not to stop satisfied. Must oppose the leftist and righteous views. Left-handedness is a view that disregards the accumulation of quantity. And organic is when the amount of change is ripe, it requires a qualitative change but does not dare to take the step of qualitative change. Both of these views are erroneous. This law is only expressed in the relationship between quality and quantity, which is completely determined, this relationship is formed objectively, not arbitrarily assigned, and at the same time, it is not possible to transform quantity and quality. also depends on certain conditions.

Methodological significance – In practical cognitive activities, it is necessary to attach importance to the process of accumulating quantity, if not attaching importance to this process, there will be no qualitative change. – This law has the opposite direction, when a new substance is born, it changes the speed and the new quantity. Therefore, when new substances are born, they must know how to determine the speed and scale of development to be appropriate, not conservative, stop. – It is necessary to oppose left-wing and right-wing views. The left-hand side is the negation of the cumulative quantity of wanting to have a qualitative change, and the organic is the opposite when the amount of change has reached the extreme but does not dare to carry out the fundamental change of the substance.

Applying the above rule to manage the progress and quality of investment in construction of traffic works The criterion to evaluate a successful project is the economic efficiency that the project brings, the quality of the project. projects, project implementation progress, etc. Most of the construction works in Vietnam are behind schedule of handover and this has a significant impact on the interests of stakeholders. This is the dialectical relationship between quality and quantity. The growth rate and scale are slow and unsuitable, leading to the failure to form new substances.

The process of implementing a project consists of many steps, each implementation step is slow, leading to the project being delayed due to many factors, including subjective human factors such as political institutions. Expectations, ), the asynchronous response of central and local agencies, the capacity of the actors involved in construction activities… We see that the human factor has a great influence on the The problem of delay and cost overrun in construction investment projects due to the prolongation of implementation time (beyond the initial total investment in construction of the project). Or there are projects running according to achievement (progress) to celebrate an event but ignore the quality of construction, burn the stage, the project has just been put into operation and used after construction. seriously ill must be repaired and remedied, angering public opinion, and losing people’s trust.

This is a dialectical relationship between quantity and quality, it is necessary to attach importance to the process of accumulation of quantity, if this process is not respected, there is no qualitative change. The actual implementation of a project requires time, a specific plan to carry out the steps from investment preparation, investment implementation to the end of putting the work into exploitation and use. Analyzing in some aspects of project implementation, we can see that: – Investment preparation stage: Loss and waste when determining typical investment policies such as determining who has investment policy, leading to inefficient investment, or poor investment efficiency leading to loss, waste…

As such, mistakes in investment policy will cause the most waste and loss, both in direct and indirect waste. This may be because there are a number of projects that are intertwined with personal interests, determining hot investment policies, not getting collective opinions, the masses of the people, not taking advantage of scientists’ opinions. leading to improper investment, causing waste. – Survey and design stage: Surveys do not ensure quality, do not meet reality or do not conform to standards and standards, leading to the need to re-research or have to change, supplement and adjust the design. design, followed by altering the estimate… wasting time and money of the project; the design is not of good quality, asynchronous, causing subsidence, cracking and must be demolished and reworked; the design plan is unreasonable, using materials and materials not suitable for the type of work (using too expensive materials for low-grade works); The selection of the safety factor is too high, the calculation is not tight, causing waste of construction materials,…

This is a subjective factor of human (design consultancy organization), has not accumulated enough experience, has not met the factors and parameters of the project input to design to ensure the quality of the project. The best butter. – Stage of compensation and site clearance: Inadequate compensation, not for the right subjects; pay compensation not according to norms and price brackets promulgated by the State and localities; over-declaring the area and volume of assets to be compensated; fake compensation records…

Since then, four more investments have been made in the construction of the works, and the compensation is not satisfactory, reasonable, and does not comply with the regulations, making the handover of the construction site not on time, leading to delay. construction, causing waste, loss of four. This is a subjective factor of state agencies performing their duties and powers in the process of performing their duties. Many agencies are factional, bossy, do not respect and listen to people’s opinions. according to his subjective opinion, in waiting for dependence, not active, creative. – The stage of implementation and allocation of the annual four-investment plan: The arrangement of the list of investment projects is too scattered, spread out, and does not exceed the approved construction progress, thus prolonging the time. put the works into exploitation and use, without promoting investment efficiency. – Construction and installation of works: Construction does not ensure the volume according to the approved design or construction is not according to the design, leading to having to demolish and redo; Using materials that do not guarantee quality; overstatement of volume; eat less materials during construction, the quality of the work is not guaranteed…

There are projects that are delayed according to achievements but ignore the quality of construction, burn the stage, the works that have been put into operation and used after construction have been damaged and have to be repaired and remedied. public opinion, losing the trust of the people. Therefore, construction works must not be run according to the schedule, but leave the quality open, without trading quality for the progress of the work. This is the most obvious dialectical relationship between quantity and quality. All construction works are clearly shown through the construction progress schedule, which items are done first, which items are done later, the synchronous coordination of construction between stages in construction, when all construction works are completed. items of a completed work, i.e. a work that is nearly completed and put into use (the point at which the amount of variation has caused a fundamental change, the set is called a node). As such, through the analysis of several aspects of project organization as mentioned above, it shows that losses and waste are not only due to objective reasons such as investment management mechanisms and policies, which are overlapping and lacking in synchronization. , it is not clear because the characteristics and properties of construction products have large scale, complex structure, long production cycle, and directly depend on geological, hydrological and climatic conditions, so the contest Labor depends on natural conditions, the quality and price of products are directly affected by natural conditions… but also an important cause leading to loss and waste is from the owners. management, enforcement and supervision roles in the state apparatus.

According to Professor Nguyen Truong Tien (Construction Science and Technology Association), the mistakes of the Investor and the investment managers during the implementation of the projects account for nearly 60%, the responsibility of the developers. construction contractors, supplying materials and equipment over 30% and consulting managers is more than 10%. Because of this, clarifying the responsibilities of organizations and individuals involved in the management and implementation of stages of an investment project, especially, is the responsibility of the individual leaders: Investor and investor. investment managers, installation contractors, design consultants, supervisors, equipment supply contractors, agencies organizing compensation and site clearance,… are all over. It is necessary to be able to make appropriate and thorough recommendations for handling in order to improve the effectiveness of the prevention and fight against corruption, loss and waste in construction investment activities.

In order to improve the quality of construction investment in traffic works, construction investment project management must be scientific and logical. It is decisive for the success or failure of a project (if it is well managed, well invested, the exploitation project will have economic and social efficiency; if it is poorly managed, hot, subjective, etc., the output will result. poor quality, low efficiency), effective and feasible works, significantly contributing to the country’s development and social security. Through the above analysis, we see that it is very important to plan the schedule when implementing the project, thereby managing the quality of the construction investment project’s progress. Construction investment projects achieve high efficiency, we cannot help but pay attention to the content of construction investment project management throughout the process of implementing them, in which special attention should be paid to Isolation and implementation of construction progress and solutions to ensure the quality of construction investment projects; Those two contents affect each other and support each other so that the project can achieve efficiency, high or low quality.

In order to improve the quality and progress of the works to meet the requirements, the progress must always go hand in hand with the quality, the set goal of the traffic construction investment is quality and progress. In terms of progress, a traffic project, if done on schedule, ahead of schedule, the economic benefits are great. However, progress must always go hand in hand with quality. If the progress is good but the quality is not guaranteed, it is better to ensure the quality. In order to ensure both progress and quality, it is necessary to know closely from the design, construction, management and exploitation stages. The project achieves high efficiency, brings economic and social benefits, it is extremely important to plan the schedule when implementing the project to manage the quality of the construction project progress. If we do this well, a project after the investment is completed and put into operation will be effective.

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