Dylan Butler Tiktok Video And Photo: Was The Shooting Caused By Bullying?

Dylan Butler Tiktok video that he shared shortly before opening fire at the Perry High School has gained much public attention.

The 17-year-old reportedly posted an ominous message along with a short video before the rampage, which killed one and injured five, including the school principal.

Dylan Butler reportedly entered Perry High School carrying a handgun and a shotgun around 7:30 am.

The shooter, who was a senior student at his school, reportedly turned the gun on himself after the horrifying incident.

As he initiated the gunfire, students sought refuge in offices, took cover in classrooms, and ran in fear.

The incident not only horrified the students on the campus but also garnered significant media and public attention.

Meanwhile, Butler’s TikTok video with the scary message has turned heads. Let’s explore the video and other photos on his social media more.

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Dylan Butler Tiktok Video And Photo

Dylan Butler had posted a chilling video on the popular social media platform TikTok.

The video was shared from the school’s bathroom, moments before he embarked on a horrifying shooting spree on Thursday, precisely at 7:47 am.

Dylan Butler Tiktok video with an ominous message was shared from the school’s bathroom shortly before he opened fire. (Image source: NY Post)

The short clip was ominously captioned “Now we wait,” creating an unsettling atmosphere.

Adding to the eerie ambiance was the song Stray Bullet playing in the background.

For those unversed, this song is by KMFDM, a renowned rock band from Germany.

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The song’s lyrics are quite disturbing, with lines such as “I’m your nightmare coming true, I am your worst enemy” and “Stray bullet, from the barrel of love.”

These lyrics, combined with the context of the video, seemed to hint at the impending disaster.

During their investigation, authorities discovered several other photos of Butler.

These photos depicted him posing with various firearms, further solidifying the suspicion of his violent intentions.

The police suspect that Butler had planned to cause even more destruction. Evidence for this was found in the form of an improvised explosive device discovered on his person.

This discovery suggests that Butler intended to kill many more people, making the incident even more tragic.

The entire event has left the community in shock as they struggle to come to terms with this horrifying act of violence.

Dylan Butler Was Tired Of Being Bullied

It has been revealed that Dylan Butler had been grappling with the torment of bullying for a long time.

The police have not yet disclosed a motive for the tragic shooting incident.

Two of Butler’s friends, who spoke to The Associated Press, painted a picture of a young man who had been subjected to relentless bullying over the years.

Dylan Butler Tiktok videoDylan Butler’s family and friends revealed that he was bullied since elementary school. (Image Source: ThePerryNews)

Yesenia Roeder, a 17-year-old friend of Butler, expressed her anguish, saying, “He was hurting. He got tired. He got tired of the bullying and harassment.”

“Was it a smart idea to shoot up the school? No. God, no,” she added. Her words reflect the desperation and pain that Butler must have felt.

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Khamya Hall, Yesenia’s sister, reiterated this sentiment. She revealed that both Butler and his younger sister were constantly targeted and bullied.

According to the sisters, the siblings’ parents had raised this issue with the school, which was the “last straw” for Butler.

Moreover, a family who was acquainted with Butler described him similarly.

They remembered him as a quiet individual who had been enduring bullying since his elementary school days.

However, it should be noted that the official motive behind the rampage is yet to be made public.

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