Derek Draper Illness And Health 2024: Death Cause Linked To Cardiac Arrest

Get updates on Derek Draper illness and health issues as his cause of death is linked to cardiac arrest. What happened to him?

Derek Draper, the husband of television presenter Kate Garraway, passed away on January 5, 2024, at the age of 56, nearly four years after contracting Covid-19.

The former political adviser was said to be one of the UK’s longest-suffering Covid patients, spending 13 months in hospital and going into a coma, with the virus causing various health issues.

He also suffered a massive heart attack in December 2023, which left him fighting for his life all over again.

In this article, we pay tribute to his life and career and look at how his family coped with his long-term illness.

Derek Draper Illness: How Covid-19 Ravaged His Body?

In March 2020, Derek Draper contracted COVID-19 and was admitted to a critical care unit. There, he was put on a ventilator and put into an induced coma.

The former politician was left with various health issues including damage to several organs. The illness affected his kidneys, liver, heart, and lungs.

He also developed diabetes and had holes in his heart and lungs. He had to undergo several surgeries and procedures to try to save him, but his condition remained critical for months.

Kate Garraway’s husband, Derek Draper, tragically passed away on January 5, 2023, after a critical illness post-cardiac arrest. (Image Source: The Telegraph)

He was Britain’s longest-suffering coronavirus victim, spending more than a year in hospital before finally returning home in April 2021.

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However, his recovery was slow and uncertain, as he still required full-time care and medical attention.

He had to relearn how to speak, eat, and move, and suffered from memory loss and confusion.

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He also had frequent infections and complications that put him back in hospital several times.

His most recent health scare was a huge heart attack in December 2023, which left him in a coma again. He never regained consciousness & died on January 5, 2024.

Derek Draper Health Updates 2024: How Kate Garraway And Their Children Cared For Him?

Kate Garraway, Derek Draper’s wife of 19 years and the host of Good Morning Britain, has been by his side throughout his ordeal.

She had been caring for him round the clock ever since he fell ill, along with their two children Darcey, 17, and Billy, 14.

She has also been working as a TV presenter and journalist, juggling her professional and personal responsibilities.

She has been open and honest about her husband’s condition and her struggles, sharing her story with the public through interviews, documentaries, and social media posts.

Derek Draper healthKate Garraway stood steadfastly by her husband Derek Draper’s side during his challenging times. (Image Source: BBC)

She also wrote The Power of Hope, chronicling her family’s journey.

In the face of hardship, Kate has showed incredible fortitude, compassion, and thankfulness for the help she received from her coworkers, friends, supporters, and the NHS personnel who cared for Derek.

She has also been raising awareness about the long-term effects of Covid-19 and the challenges carers face.

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Many people, including celebrities, politicians, and health experts, have praised her courage and positivity.

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Kate Garraway said that Derek Draper was the love of her life and that she would never give up on him.

She also said that she hoped he would recover one day and they would be together again as a family. Sadly, that day never came.

Kate was by Derek’s side when he passed away quietly in the hospital. In addition to being a gifted writer, counselor, and psychologist, he will be remembered as a devoted husband, father, brother, and son.

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