Cyan Boujee Leaked Video: Accuses Prince Kaybee Of Leaking Her Tape

This article revolves around Cyan Boujee leaked video. A South African YouTuber, content creator, influencer, business owner, and philanthropist named Cyan Boujee. 

She is renowned for producing interesting and enticing video content. In 2019, Cyan Boujee started a career as a YouTuber. 

She published her first video in December of this year. She started filming movies about makeup and other fashion-related subjects. 

She subsequently started making films on her personal life, in which she gave her fans insights into her private life. 

Aside from that, she has a significant fan base and has amassed 12.4 million likes on TikTok. Today, Cyan sees herself as a brand influencer. 

Over the past five years, she has backed a few products. She advertises the Reaching Out Foundation on her newly created Instagram account, which she created after her previous official account was compromised. 

She started this charity to raise money for her nation’s most fortunate citizens. Be with us till the end to know about Cyan Boujee leaked video and other details.

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Cyan Boujee Leaked Video 


Following Cyan Boujee’s charges about supposedly sharing their private video, Prince Kaybee has gained popularity. Cyan Boujee Leaked Video has been a topic of interest for netizens.

On Tuesday, August 8, 2023, the contentious club hostess responded after her video went popular on social media.

After charting social media trends for the incorrect reasons, Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to discuss his work while ignoring the commotion.

princekaybee_sa has been accused behind the Cyan Boujee Leaked Video. (Source: Instagram)

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Social media sensation Cyan Boujee allegedly accused award-winning dance music musician Prince Kaybee of leaking the widely shared obscene film online in reaction to her sex tape being leaked online.

On Cyan Boujee’s Instagram Stories, a post purports to accuse Prince Kaybee for the leak, according to an unverified screenshot that has been circulating on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

The screenshot post’s top-left green icon indicates that, if it is genuine, it was shared with her Cyan’s Close Friends list. This indicates that she was probably close to someone who leaked the information.

She Has Accused Prince Kaybee Of Leaking Her Tape

Following Cyan Boujee’s claim that he had leaked their film, Prince Kaybee climbed to the top of the Mzansi Twitter trends.

 Fans have been navigating the chronology, searching for proof linking Prince Kaybee to the video. She said that she would be there in a few minutes. 

Godspeed to Prince Kaybee. Her only concern is that her n****s will all dump her, which is certain to be him.

Since then, Twitter users have been reacting to the purported screenshot in large numbers, propelling “Cyan” and “Prince Kaybee” to the top of the list of local trends.

Cyan Boujee leaked videoPrince Kaybee is Accused of Leaking Their Saucy Video by Cyan Boujee: “It’s Him Definitely.” (Source: Wiki Bio Stars)

Prince Kaybee engaging in revenge porn for himself and then turning around and torturing Cyan is nuts, tweeted @tamia21314. 

Following Cyan Boujee’s shots at Prince Kaybee, social media users eagerly awaited his response. When the contentious media figure accused the star of sharing their video, the star suddenly found himself on social media. 

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After the video went viral, Cyan Boujee claimed that the Gugulethu hitmaker was the one who uploaded it on the internet on her Instagram page.

Dating Life & Boyfriend of Cyan Boujee

Cyan Boujee was previously involved in another relationship before falling in love with Bamzy Riches. She once had a relationship with DJ Maphorisa, with whom she had a previous romantic involvement. 

She fought with her other ex-boyfriend, Beverly Tihako, over her connection to DJ Maphorisa. She established contact with Pro, a Graphic Designer, in the interim.

Her most recent confrontation with her new lover Bamzy Riches generated outrage. 

After the battle, it became known to the world that Bamzy Riches had unprotected sexual contact with her, which led to her becoming pregnant. 

She also claimed that a miscarriage prevented her from having children with Bamzy Riches. 

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