BJP Indrani Tahbildar Suicide Linked To Death: Leaked Video And Photo

BJP Indrani Tahbildar suicide linked to death. A female BJP Kisan Morcha leader allegedly committed suicide when private images of her with another party official surfaced. 

The party of the Assam unit has been shaken by the Kishan Morcha, secretary of Indrani Tahbildar, forcing them to schedule a key conference with the presidents and secretaries of eight morchas on Wednesday.

The presidents and secretaries of the eight morchas were invited to the conference, which took place at the BJP headquarters in Basistha, Guwahati.

Most morchas’ presidents and secretaries have complained that the party hasn’t kept order in the conference.

Indrani Tahbildar allegedly committed suicide after her intimate images with Anurag Chaliha went viral; it should be noted now. 

Additionally, it was believed that the aforementioned BJP Kisan Morcha official was having an extramarital relationship with Chaliha, who was a tenant at her home.

Anurag Chaliha, an invited member of the BJP Kisan Morcha, was dismissed from the party’s primary membership one day after Tahbildar died. 

Be with us till the end to learn more about BJP Indrani Tahbildar suicide, which is linked to her death.

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BJP Indrani Tahbildar Suicide Linked To Death: Leaked Video And Photo

Following releasing her personal images with another party politician, a female leader of the BJP, Kisan Morcha, purportedly committed suicide at her Guwahati apartment on Friday. 

Following the appearance of his name in connection with the alleged suicide, the ruling party on Saturday dismissed one of its members from the party, according to news agency PTI. 

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According to early accounts given by PTI, the dead overdosed on sleeping drugs, which is what ultimately caused her death. 

From Guwahati, Assam came the political figure Indrani Tahbildar. (Source: WikiWIki)

After her intimate images with another party politician appeared, the female leader took a drastic measure, BJP officials told PTI.

The leader she was pictured in the images with was kicked out of the party’s primary membership while a police inquiry into the affair got underway.

Indrani Tahbildar, 44, has been identified as the dead, according to news source IANS. She served as both the BJP Kisan Morcha’s treasurer and vice president of the Chamber of Commerce. 

More Details On Her Suicide Case

According to Dipak Choudhury, DCP of central Guwahati, “The police are looking into the matter. An investigation has been started since it was believed to be an unnatural death.

However, as of yet, we haven’t heard any concerns about the disclosure of private images of the deceased with someone else. But we are investigating all possibilities.

According to PTI, State BJP President Bhabesh Kalita ordered the other involved leader to be expelled immediately after the incident. No arrests have been made thus yet, according to the police.

Indrani Tahbildar SuicideAn upsetting incident occurred on Friday when Indrani, a major female figure within the Assam BJP, was discovered deceased at her home in Guwahati. (Source: Hindustan Times)

According to information cited by IANS, Tahbildar engaged in an adulterous relationship with another BJP leader who was renting out her home, and recently, some images of the purported couple were released online.

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Tahbilda reportedly told several of her coworkers that someone was attempting to blackmail her using the intimate photos, according to a report by Hindustan Times that quoted persons with knowledge of the situation. 

According to the article, her coworkers charged invitee BJP Kisan Morcha member Anurag Chaliha with encouraging the purported suicide.

The Guwahati Medical College and Hospital received Tahbildar’s body for post-mortem examination. More details on Indrani Tahbildar Suicide case will be revealed soon.

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