Amy Gilly- Hale Center Teacher Arrested For Improper Relationship With Student

Amy Gilly is suspected of engaging in sexual contact by allowing a 15-year-old guy to touch her, according to the arrest warrant.

A Hale Center instructor has been arrested on suspicion of having an inappropriate connection with a pupil.

According to the Hale County Sheriff’s Office, Hale Center ISD Superintendent Steven Pyburn told a school resource officer on December 16 of an alleged illegal student/teacher interaction involving Amy Gilly, 46.

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The Hale Center Police Department and the Hale County Sheriff’s Office investigated.

Amy Gilly- Is Hale Center Teacher Arrested For Improper Relationship With Student?

Gilly is suspected of engaging in sexual contact by allowing a 15-year-old guy to touch her breast, according to the arrest warrant.

According to the warrant, a Hale Center Police sergeant was sent to the Hale Center ISD business office on December 16, 2022, for an incident involving an inappropriate interaction between an instructor and a student.

Hale Center Teacher Arrested For Improper Relationship With Student (source: Kcbd)

The boy admitted to the Police that he and Gilly had been messaging. The Sergeant went over the text thread, dated back to November 2022. According to the warrant, the communications contained language implying a connection.

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The youngster informed the Sergeant that Gilly picked him up near the Baptist church in Hale Center, drove him to East 1st Street, and parked on the tracks. 

The youngster claimed they started kissing, and Gilly removed her top and bra. The teen’s genitals were then stroked on the outside of his garments by Gilly. He informed the Sergeant that they were scheduled to meet again on December 16.

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The Sergeant talked with Gilly, who said she gave the youngster a ride home and that the boy tried to touch her breast and placed her hand on his penis outside his clothing. She admitted to having feelings for the adolescent but realized it was improper.

Amy Gilly Hale Center Teacher Arrests And Charges

With great sadness, we report on the recent arrest of Amy Gilly, a teacher at the Hale Center Independent School District in Texas. Ms. Gilly has been taken into custody on charges of having an improper relationship with a student.

Amy GillyHale Center Teacher Arrested For Improper Relationship With Student (source: yahoo)

Details of the incident are still emerging, but it is believed that the inappropriate relationship took place over several months.

 Ms. Gilly has been a teacher at the school for several years and is well-respected by her colleagues and students. 

The school district is cooperating fully with authorities in the investigation and has released a statement condemning the behavior and expressing their commitment to the safety and well-being of all students.

This news is deeply disturbing and serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining appropriate boundaries between students and teachers.

 Educators must provide a safe and supportive learning environment for their students, and any breach of this trust is unacceptable.

As the legal process moves forward, it is important to remember that Ms. Gilly is entitled to a fair and impartial trial. However, if proven true, the allegations against her are serious and will have serious consequences.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops and provide updates as more information becomes available.

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 In the meantime, our thoughts are with the student, their family, and the entire Hale Center community as they cope with this difficult situation.

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